Popping off to buy some hair spray…

As of this morning…hair spray is on my short list of things to buy next time I’m out. LOL…For my silk hejabs silly!

No seriously, I adore the blog Hijabi and the City (mad props to the sister who runs that awesome blog, mashallah!) and this morning after everyone rushed out to school/work and I sat down with my coffee to check my email i saw the sister posted a silk hejab tips video. I was like…gasp! eegads…why didnt I think of the hair spray on the hejab trick? Suddenly I can see myself wearing my Turkish silk hejabs sans previously annoying floppy front issues!

yes, indeed…silk hejabs get floppy and its really annoying and looks pretty unsightly too so although I often take out and gaze fondly at the two Turkish silk hejabs I have from Karaca…I just dont wear them. too much hassle! I figured you had to be Turkish to really wear them right.  Most of my issues being from previously mentioned floppy fronts. argh.

But her video reopened the possibility of wearing them and loving them. Only, I dont own hair spray but I do have some nice heavy starch so I immedietly got one of them, set up my ironing board and iron and sprayed down my silk hejab on the wrong side and ironed away. I then folded it 1/3rd under like I normally would and sprayed thickly on the underside portion and reironed until it had some stiffness and shape. Voila…the entire hejab became a bit stiffer and easier to handle. I then whipped it on and since it finally stayed still, didnt flop and looked decent I played around with designs.

Take a peep…oh and those who rag on the Turkish squares as not covering the chest…fooey…if you do them right…they do! Just as good as most other squares or shaylahs.

‘ala traditional Turkish style with a beige pardesu.

Then I played around a bit with it.

Here it is in sort of a Turkish “trendy” style with the edge wrapped around the neck.

A Lebanese sort of a style

An Irani sort of a style

Then lastly…I did sort of a shaylah wrap style. Kind of a bit different, dont you think?

When I was in Iran just a month and a half ago I saw a lot of shops selling the Turkish silk hejabs…They are a new and hot/trendy item in Iran right now. In previous trips I never saw them before…usually just these very tiny, very blah squares made of this weird synthetic material, shals and ofcourse the ubiquitous maghneh. I saw some women wearing the silk hejabs like how I had mine above-tied under the chin. I’m not a huge fan of the under chin tie look, but hey, whatever. Only downside is the price of the, in Iran is the same as in Turkey and abroad. $40 and on up a pop! By Iranian standards thats pretty ridiculous, especially as the economy is really not doing too good, the price of everything is up as a consequence so it didnt surprise me to see the silk ones behind glass complete with locks. but, they were gorgeous. One of the shops I usually go to carried the Karaca, Akel and Armine brands.

I love the latest designs from Armine right now, what with the polka-dots, stripes, stares and animal prints.

EBD designs sells them as does hijabplanet.

(design from Armine)


6 thoughts on “Popping off to buy some hair spray…

  1. Mashallah sis, the scarves r soo pretty! I myself love turkish hijab style but have also found them hard to manage in the front, Im off to hijab and the city to check out the vid :))
    They really suit you!

  2. I would seriously recommend EDB designs! Go to her facebook page, she has everything there. I don’t look good with the hooded look of turkish scarves but it turns out that she actually has shaylas in the turkish silk style which are perfect for me. I think I put some piccies up on my blog if the ones that I ordered.

    I actually like the Irani style that you did, I think it sits really well, obviously only problem being neck coverage. I wonder if there’s a way to fix that… I’m just trying to figure out if I am game enough to order a turkish hijab lol!

  3. Umm Ibrahim! Mashaallah! Awesome hijab styles, and thank you so much for mentioning moi. 🙂 Oh and most importantly, I am sooooo happy that all these sisters (like yourself) are now able to wear the square Turkish hijabs due to my video. At first I thought it might be a silly video and was a wee bit embarrassed posting it… but receiving feedback such as yours makes me very happy. 🙂

  4. Never thought about using spray starch! I haven’t seen it in Korea, but I haven’t looked for it either. Insha’Allah, some of my friends will know where I can get it.

  5. Salam,
    Thank you so much for sharing your Turkish scarf experience! I checked hijabplanet.com and they have magnificent things. Do you think their outfits run small? or are they true to size? I have 3 garments from Turkey and they all fit me perfectly but I thought I should ask because their models look so skinny and the jilbabs are actually fit to their bodies. I am asking because I am considering ordering from them soon inshAllah! I will let you know how that goes.

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