Thought of the day-eye mesh in niqabs?

So, I saw this picture and the thought hit me…are niqabs with eye mesh comfortable? Id think they would be bothersome for those who wear glasses or have long eye lashes, plus wouldnt the mesh be sort of pointless anyway? The mesh doesnt really obscure much and if the wearer really wants to cover her eyes…what about eye veils or a good gatwa (boushiyyah) and half niqab?

I never saw Saudi niqabs with eye mesh but I know they are popular on Egyptian niqabs and several times I saw Egyptian women wearing this style of niqab and frankly, every time I saw them, the look sort of creeped me out, because, I donno, it just looked weird to me. *ducks flying shoes* Personally…Id think i’d find the mesh bothersome for the above  reasons…

hmmmmmmmmmmmm? What do you all think?


10 thoughts on “Thought of the day-eye mesh in niqabs?

  1. Gemma’s comment actually makes sense. There were all kinds of little moisture-seeking flies and gnats and other no-seeum’s in the UAE, and I used my boushiya (all varieties of) all the time for that, and also because I wear contacts and the fine powdery sand in the air would drive me nuts. I had to look hard to see the mesh in the picture, so it doesn’t seem to hide the eyes much. I wouldn’t mind trying one during Yellow Dust season here, as a matter of fact. Does any website sell them?

  2. I loved the niqab’s with eye mesh. I ordered some from an Egyptian brother ( and at first was hesitant to cut out the mesh.. but truth be told it was very soft and I almost didn’t notice it. I loved it I felt it was more protection from dust..

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