Some Egyptian designs I like

While I realize that a lot of people criticize Egyptians for their rather crazy, sometimes OTT hejab designs what is insanely large multi-layered hejab designs down to their perchance for color coordinating up the wazoo…still, they see to have some of the freshest, neatest styles in the whole region-Personally, out of the Arab Middle East…I love the styles coming out of the Gulf first and Egypt second. The Gulf for their slinky, elegant designs and TDF fabrics and Egypt for the freshness in their designs.

Anywho, all these designs are by Sona Style and are from either IslamicBoutique or 2Hijab. I do have experience with ordering from IB and with Sona Styles…I have a really lovely malhafa style abaya which I got off of them a year and a half ago, its still in almost perfect condition, which is surprising how much I wore it before going to Saudi and I even wore it occasionally IN Saudi as well. They are pricey but quite durable and well made.


This one is one of my favorite designs…its sort of sophisticated and kind of a Saudi style.

I LOVE this jilbab…its kind of spunky, different and hello…purple! Even its name “riri” is spunky…

Swishy elegant malhafa style…

Just too unique…I love how the crinkle fabric is in now.

Rainbows! enough said!

Mainstream yet kind of unique…would be a suitable abaya for those who work or who live-like I do…in hillbilly h3ll. LOL

This one screams “Gypsy” kinda boho meets country western, im singing that song by Fleetwood Mac song right now in my head! I could dig this for fall…ahhh…im drooling!

For reference purposes…this is the one I have…