What I wore out today…

As you all know I want to wear overhead abayaat now that we are back in the US, well, since I’m not in Dearborn wear women in overheads are apparently quite common, I am trying to ease into it slowly-particularly since we live in a very rural area. Anyway, Ive been wearing one of my chador-e shallee’s around  and havent gotten any remarkable comments or looks or anything other than the norm-which out in this area-just having a scarf means your scare kids and adults alike-LOL, in the city, the shallee passed without even much of a flutter either. I dont think most people even notice it as it looks like a shorter style abaya with a black shaylah draped over another scarf.

So because of those experiences and talking to some sisters-one who incidentally lives in Dearborn but has made the decision to wear overheads full time-and she is in University there and tells me most students there are not local to Dearborn, and another sister on a forum has told me shes worn them for 7 years and she doesnt get more more than just wearing a scarf and abaya or jilbab would get.

Anywho, so Ive decided to progress up a bit to the chador-e melli. The melli is a bit more streamline and looks sort of more western, its also not really long and swishy so it sort of looks like a long duster or something.

Im trying to model my ideas off of this sister, she has on a green isdaal and it doesnt really look exotic or anything like that.

Ofcourse, since I like things simple im going more for a funky scarf and colorful shoes/bag and cardigan or hoodie, no layered shaylahs for me. Sorry…im gettin’ too old for that. hehehe. Also since all my overheads are black, I just bought a brown sleeved overhead from online and am planning to eventually carry colored overheads in my store, since im not the ONLY western sister who likes them and wants to wear them.

So this is what I came up with today…we went to a auto place to get an estimate on something for our car and then to Costco!

I daresay its not too funky or exotic and really, I dont think most people could tell I had an overhead anything on as I wore a black, floral printed Turkoman style scarf (from Iran) and it blended in well with the melli. Topped off with a heavy wool cardie (twas cold out!), straight legged jeans and flats. I normally prefer low wedgies as Im kind of short but my wedgies didnt match the ensemble…

In Costco and the auto body place I didnt get any unusual or out of the norm looks, so it kind of perked me up. hehehhe. En’shallah I’ll start getting more used to wearing this here and will feel more comfortable in it, because personally, I feel like this is the best style for me. I love abayaat and jilbabs…dont get me wrong, but I prefer the full length-all encompassing coverage that an overhead offers, and well…I’m also rather used to them, having worn them all the time in Saudi and Iran.


just a random picture of two Egyptian women, the overhead style she has going on is nice, mashallah.


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  1. alikum salam, i love what you write and the great pictures thanks for that 🙂
    I feel that i learn alot and i’m so happy that i found this webside. Overheads offer great coverage, i did just have trubble holding the overhead abaya in place 😦 they move to much on my head :).
    Just a question a side, is this a common lenght of the overhead or is this the style? Or is this sunna to wear it not longer than this overhead on the last picture ? As convert i’m not used to all the customs:) When i wear the abaya it reaches near the ground . Thanks Tanya

    • well sis have you tried stitching elastic into the head area? if you go back several months to maybe last spring you’ll see I showed where the elastic goes in an overhead. It keeps the overhead on like glue, so no issues there and better than pins because you wont rip the overhead should you move wrong.

      About length, there are a huge variety of overheads…isdaals, types of chadors and abayah ra’as. Generally abayah ra’as which come from the Gulf hit the floor and in Saudi its normal for women to have their abayaah ra’as (i.e. head abaya) dragging on the ground, infact they drag all their abayaat on the gorund, because there isnt much dirt on the ground…just dust or san and it rarely rains. Unlike here where there is soil and mud. The one in the picture i actually a modern chador from Iran called a chador-e melli, In Iran the trend is the modern chadors (kinds with sleeves) to be shorter-plus Iranians like their stuff calf or at most ankle length anyway, they arent big on long, dragging garments. Even the regular, traditional chador-even if its cut to be long, you normally hold it up as you walk. Isdaals are normally top of foot length, Egyptians arent big into the drag thing either.
      So length, really it depends on preference. While I personally prefer my overgarments to be longer, cuz im new to wearing overheads here in the US (I wore them in Saudi and Iran thou)…im starting out with the less “drastic” chador-e melli.

      Hope this helps…

    • nope, its a huge square one which is Turkoman in design, I got it in Iran, its quite comfy but sort of thick. yah, tis pretty thou, mashallah

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