Blogs which promote REAL hejab

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Yes…real hejab…NOT fake hejab…as in scarf on the head yet dressed in attire far from being anything resembling hejab. These blogs promote real, true hejab where the entire body is covered in modest attire without curves hanging out for the entire world to see, nor do they promote such attire and they are working to spread the importance of real hejab.

Here is whats on my blog roll… (until I add the links…just go a google search!)

Kakchiks Wardrobe.

(Your truely an inspiration sis Kakchik…it seems like most of the fake hejab blogs out there are run by Malaysian Muslim women-shockers)

I Love Hishma

Defunct, but nice archive to look through and she was/is a champion for always wearing an overgarment or overgarment-like attire.

Stylish Muslimah

Although this sister is new to covering, she is trying to cover properly and you wont see any ludacris fake hejab tidbits on her blog. alhamdullah and mashallah!

Hijab Trendz

American sister who promotes everyday hejab styles which are not tacky or immodest along with personal musings.

Hegab Rehab

She loves abayaat and covering modesty…

Hijabi and the City

Turkish-Aussie sister with great hejab fashion sense, she shows how you can be fashionable YET remain covered in proper hejab without resorting to cheap trends which show the curves.

(there might be more…but this is what I can think of, off the top of my head…)


4 thoughts on “Blogs which promote REAL hejab

  1. Salaam dear Umm Ibrahim.
    I was coming here to read about the blogs that you’ve mentioned in the title, never expected that my blog would be one of them. Thank you my friend for approving my blog. I honestly don’t know why there are so many Malaysian selling those fake hijabs. I am really frustrated with some of my Malaysian sisters who are so easily influenced by the trend – instant hijab. I think maybe when you’re born Muslim and living in a ‘Muslim country’ most of you take Islam for granted. That’s why you do not practice Islam seriously. Many women are fully covered but still naked. You can see the example everywhere in this country. I wish I could influenced them to change.

    • hehehehe, sister I meant it seems like most of the Malay sisters who blog about hejab are blogging about the fake hejab style-i.e. tight, short everything. But yah, your blog is awesome, mashallah

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