More new designs…

Okay so these are apparently the newest designs for “chadors” out there…frankly they seem a bit OTT to me…but they are basically versions of the qajari style chador but they are becoming more like a long khimaar.

I doubt though these designs will really become popular as most women are still used to the regular chador and at most, maybe the chador-e melli and other sleeved versions because they are easier for women who work, study or have kids.  But hey, we’ll see… Just for the record though, I ONLY saw one woman wearing the Qajari style chador and it was in Shiraz, I never even saw them sold anywhere.

Anyway…without further adieu…

What do you think?


8 thoughts on “More new designs…

  1. assalamu alaikum,

    I absolutely love love love the style of the 3rd one from the top. It seems like a nice middle ground between an overhead abaya and a plain ol scarf scarf.

    I wish I could sew, so I could try to make it for myself *sigh*

  2. They are all pretty and unique; I like the 3rd one best though, it’s got a cool “separates” look goin on…the second one, mmm, although i love the turquoise/jet black color combo, the flamenco shawl look reminds me of curtains… love these things u find!

    • well, I am a Librarian-I got mad searching skills. LOL…btw, I was JUST thinking of you Lily…where the heck have you been? Did you ever get those sandals? LOL

      spkg of this….I adore both 1 and 3-like the modified Qajari style. Actually they wouldnt hard to make-though the sleeveless kind, where it drapes over is the easiest. If I had access to semi-decent crepe I’d totally make one, or maybe if I can get some cheapo cotton, I might make a mock up. Essentially its like a long straight skirt with a really wide rectangular piece of material sewn in the middle back of the skirt which is then flipped up and worn like a chador. Its def. rather clever. I dont know though really how popular these will get regardless as Persians are NOT into Skirts at all. The ONLY women whom I ever see wearing skirts when Im in Iran are Loor women, you’ll even see them with a manteau over a skirt. Everyone else wears pants-quite truthfully, a lot of Persians consider skirts kind of gross/immodest and if wearing one, would always wear shalvar or something under-I should really recount my trip to Iran this past July…cuz I got hassled for wearing my casual jalabeeya from Saudi around the house when people would come over. LOL. Plus Id think it would get bulky to wear the skirt over pants…but still…for the west or say in winter, it looks perfect!

  3. I don’t really like any of them, although I agree with Dust n Roses that the black and turquoise color combination is gorgeous. They’re all too fancy for me (except for the last one, which I don’t like regardless) and they look too impractical for everyday wear.

  4. Salaam’alaikum,

    Hey sis, it’s me, amira.amoora from MSU. I would so rock some of these chadors. I wouldn’t mind rocking these in NY. So easy to throw on and walk out. I think I will have to kiss up to hubby to give me some $$ to buy some from you.

  5. I think #1 would look really nice if the chador part was replaced with a large dupatta/shayla/mandeel and the bottom was made of big baggy shalwar pants.

    I’d wear #3. I really like that one. The rest are interesting, but nothing I’d wear.

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