The ‘shocking’ brown chador & new chador designs

Apparently there are a LOT of new chador styles coming out now in Iran, I guess there just must be a flurry of creativity when it comes to the modern chador.

Anyway, I found these pictures…they are like “everywhere” right now…its a woman on TV in a brown chador-e melli. Its rather shocking seeing this because usually if the presenter wears chador on TV its just always black.

I really, really like it though and I love the mustardy scarf under it. definitely my style…I must find some brown material and make a copy for myself!

Next is a booklet or whatever which shows the newest styles of chador out on the market.

A melli style with mini sleeves…

This style is usually called the “student” style-chador-e daneshjoo as its based on the big Iraqi and Saudi-style batwings you’d see University students sporting before modern chadors became popular.

This one below, I like the best its called a “jalabeeb” and has an attached scarf which doubles as a niqab, along with a zipped mini-sleeve under the regular sleeve and pockets hidden in the chador.

An “updated” Qajari style so the chest is covered-unlike the regular Qajari style which exposes the chest unless held shut.


Pretty typical “national” style…as in chador-e melli


I have pictures of the very innovative “cutting edge” designs which are a bit OTT-I think…but I’ll put them up tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “The ‘shocking’ brown chador & new chador designs

  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the brown chador/mustard hijab combination Masha’Allah! I would buy that outfit in a second.

    • Thats the chador-e melli style and they all look like that. I personally like them as they are easier to wear then the regular traditional chador. And its not as weighty on the head as a gulf style overhead is. But hey, to each her own.

  2. I like the colors, but something about the material and the way it drapes looks uncomfortable and kind of cheap.

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