Something incredible…

I stumbled upon this video on YouTube, regardless of what madhab you follow its pretty awesome what this brother talks about. Really, to me, I’m kind of surprised at his kind words-as one who has lived in Saudi-it always seemed like the guys who were Mutawwah were perpetually scowling. Also, it shows that sometimes what we see isnt always really what is there. I wish more sisters (and brothers) would take his advice.

I donno…its just pretty awesome, alhamdullah…


3 thoughts on “Something incredible…

  1. Asalaamu Alaikum

    Subhanallah in a way she is better than them as prayer is one of the five pillars and she hastened to do it while they postponed it. They gave her naseeha but her silent naseeha was better and Allah knows best.

  2. salam Umm Ibrahim jan 🙂
    chera asabani shodid? fekr mikonam man manzooram ro khoob enteghal khodam be hejabam eteghade rasekh daram va be fasion hijab ham alaghemandam, bekhatere hamin ham inja hastam.
    in aghaun ke miran poshte tribun daem dar morede hejab sohbat mikonand, daem khonomha ro nasihat mikonand ke hejab dashteh bashand, inha obsession nist? engar muslim community hich moshkele digeh nadareh ke faghat dr moredeh hejab sohbat mikonand!
    man gahi oghat miram webloghaye shakhsi e khanomhaye mosalman mibinam daem daran dar morede ejbari budane hejanb dar quran bahs mikonand, in obsession nist?
    nemikham vaghtetoon ro bishtar begiram, ba tashakore faravan 🙂 🙂

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