They missed the boat on some of these designs…

Some of these new designs out of Iran I really really adore but I think a lot of them are pretty “off the wall”. But, knowing how fashion photography works, I’m sure the rather eccentric manner in which items were put together and hejabs wrapped up like turbans has more to do with artistic expression than anything else.

Some thoughts though…I find it neat how they are putting together many divergent elements…traditional Persian designs and tribal elements with modern Western fashions and a little added in mixture of Central Asian and Arab designs. I’m a bit inspired with some of the cuts and designs used-they are very lovely and quite unique. Although it is worthwhile to note that it’s very doubtful that these designs are readily accessible to most Iranian women. I know when I go, you never ever ever see anything like this sold anywhere. Okay, maybe, maybe in some very upscale boutiques in the wealthier sections of cities, but thats about it. Tehran and Esfahan both have such areas so I’m sure there  are indeed women who have the means to wear such attire but other then them, the styles that are readily available as pretty everyday-ish. Just throwing that out there.

But…sigh…some of them I do indeed want!

An interesting take on the trend for sheer “burn out” type chadors and the chador-e melli (sleeved, modern chador)…maybe for a wedding party…I donno.

ah, yes, definetly more my taste…a type of “qajari” chador.

Now some non-chador, clothing items…apparently these are from the current season. Some of the pieces are really rather exquisite, bothers are rather blah…still…interesting never the less.

A bit scary…like attack of the mad lemon or something.

I adore that jacket…would look adorable with the scarf properly worn and a pair of wide legged jeans!

Something seems “off” here…

Um, no…thou the jacket is adorable.

Ah, a beautiful peacock jacket…*drools*…Reminds me of Chahel Sotoon in Esfahan…I donno why, but it does.

This one reminds me of someone having a cold and a stiff neck…why? I donno…


Very “Renne Faire”-ish… she should be fencing…

I love the cut and design of the coat…

Lovely coat but the picture is a bit “tarty-flashy” in a way. hmmm…


A party dress from my nightmares…they definitely, definitely missed the boat on this one! yikes!



And lastly…this one is SO me! 100% my style!!!

What do you all think?


5 thoughts on “They missed the boat on some of these designs…

  1. LOL at the “mad lemon” comment. Yeah, I definitely wouldn’t wear most of these, but I did really like a lot of the long jackets and ponchos.

  2. Some of them look a bit over the top; like every kind of fashion shot! LOL But I love some of the tops and the color combinations.

    • They’re wearing long khimars and matching skirts or jilbabs; I see Somali women wearing them all the time. I have a couple of the matching sets myself, and they are awesome; simple, covering, yet colorful.

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