Florals galore!

It seems like floral printed hejabs are the current trend in “hijab fashion la-la land” and while I admit to being a bit slow in keeping up to the trends, I have decided that I really, really adore floral shaylahs! I’m not a huge fan of square scarves with a floral print as thats pretty uber old school and one which sort of gives me the shivers because it conjures up memories of big, gaudy floral printed squares complete with football (American kind, lol, not soccar!) style, thick, heavy polyester jilbabs with gaudy gold buttons, pleats everywhere and…well…football style shoulder pads. Eegads! blach! hehehehe

But, the floral shaylahs Ive been seeing here and there are nothing of the sort, most have this oldish-retro look, very late Baroque kind of style and are classic, classy but not over the top, and a nice change from the usual…crazy geometrics and very odd patterns.

You can find these lovelies all over the place, both online and inrl…like H&M has several viscose floral shaylahs and here are some I found online. I have finally ordered a few from Al-Muminat.

I know I showed this pictue before but I LOVE how the floral shaylah works so well with the overhead abaya…mashallah.

here are the 2 I ordered from Al-Muminat.

and one from H&M

and lastly…this pretty from hijabgirl

What do you all think? I definetly think the current floral trend is just such a refreshing change from either all the bling blang out there or geometrics or just dull, basic everyday plain. These would work with niqab, with an overhead, a shoulder abaya or jilbab or even just a tunic and baggy jeans or a long skirt. mashallah. Oh and need I mention, here winter is coming up…a pretty floral scarf is a nice way to kind of keep the warmth and sun of spring and summer in mind.


2 thoughts on “Florals galore!

  1. Pearl Daisy, which is a UK based company, have lots of floral printed scarves, and some of them are really lovely designs. And they are quite thin as well so even if layered with another scarf, they do not look bulky.

  2. TOTALLY, with black abaya ras anyway, the style of Omani grandmothers here;)

    The laysu I told you about. It is a long floral print shayla. Amazing coverage.

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