Some more chador/overgarment pics

So a few nights ago I was looking around for some different types of overgarments online and I found a new Persian language website, its like an online bazaar where they link you up to hejab/chador producers.

Here are some rather new designs I quite fancied. branch out a bit.

First some colors…

(Colorful shalee chador)

Speaking of the shalee…I wore one of my shalee chadors out and about over the weekend, around here in this area and a lot of random people came up and complimented me on it, they liked the layering look and the different designs, the two I have are black but one is edged in this silver and white decorative banding so I wore it over a turquoise scarf…one person said it looked rather “grecian” in design. LOL…alhamdullah…hey its good dawah!

(colorful chador-e melli style)

This one below…reminds me of those capes that singers in baptist churchs wear…I would prefer it in a darker tone myself..

(cuffed chador design)


I LOVE how they styled this overhead with the scarf peeping out…I am gonna have to try this…note, it would work best with either a- a modern chador with the chador styling (i.e. no seams at the top, going down the arm) OR b-a seamed overhead ra’as with a wider head area,like what you find on Bahraini overheads or some Iranian and Lebanese chador styles, this will give the drape and opening needed for this style. It breaks up the black nicely and is a bit out of the norm.

Now here is a qajari style chador….whats kind of random is that they put a niqab on the model. LOL…I giggle because niqab is in no way the norm in Iran. One really only finds it being worn in the far south amongst those who live around the Persian Gulf or the border with Arab countries OR in Qom/Mashhad where there is a lot of Arab influence on the people there. I reckon putting the niqab on the model is meant to be a way of showing the women in Qom (where niqab is common) that they can wear this new style of chador with the niqab and that it looks just fine. Also, Im seeing many modern chadors with a built in maghneh that when pushed up can double as a niqab. But, you’ll see that further down and in a future post.

Okay, regular ole Qajari style…

and now…with a niqab (pooshiyeh) on, keep in mind it would norm be held shut over the chest, not open like below, shes showing off the design. regardless,I must admit the look is a bit off to me, it lacks flow…

How does this style strike you all?

Then a rather new fangled modern chador design, I havent quite figured it out yet how its worn but it seems to be like a cuffed chador with a zipped in maghneh/chest panel that goes the whole way down. The model is shwoing off all the great features and why its really just a throw on and our off type of a garment. BTW, I have a Lebanese style chador (overhead) with a built in maghneh and I LOVE it, it really is just throw on and voila…nothing to think about and your perfectly covered in an ideal form of overgarment.

Oh I should mention, there seems to be 2 versions of the below garment, I still cant quite make out the exact differences, but I think one has the zip in panel while the other doesnt…hmm

Version 1;

Version 2;


5 thoughts on “Some more chador/overgarment pics

  1. I love the second chador picture (the light purple one)! And LOL at the woman pulling the cell phone out from her sleeve. 🙂

  2. I love the Qajari style. I’ve never seen it before but it is beautiful, masAllah. I’ve still been thinking about the overhead abaya at your store but keep getting cold feet at the thought of being harassed for wearing an overhead in my area. I don’t wear abaya now and think it might throw people off if one day I wear overhead and then a cardi and jeans, but I still can’t get over how beautiful it looks to me. Aah!

  3. The bottom design with the extra panel in the front is very very similar to some of the modern Algerian/Moroccan overgarments at least in the way it comes up to the chin; but it looks like it has a wrapover thing going on also…

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