I found this picture online awhile ago…I donno really what to say…but, dang that looks all kinds of wrong.

Ah…yes another bad view of islam and Muslim…



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  1. asalaamu alaikum…yah she does…and I can understand, sometimes its not raining hard and so ur like…why bother…but just the overall “view” of the picture is pretty bad. LOL.

  2. Assalaam waleikum.
    It looks as though it’s drizzling.
    I can understand the view. It makes it seem that Muslim men are not considerate of Muslim women when I have had Muslim brothers open doors for me. They just gave me salaams, helped me with the door and were off to handle their business.
    Alot of times, Muslimahs wear mad layers during the winter. Under those hijabs, niqabs & abayas, they are possibly wearing sweaters and thick pants.
    Even I can go out in the cold for short distances with just a shawl because of my layers.

  3. I had no idea what was wrong with this picture and had to see what was left in the comment section! lol Sometimes if it’s very, very lightly raining I also don’t bother with my umbrella because I can’t really feel the rain anyway! :p

  4. asalaamu alaikum

    yup, No i’m the same way…when I wear an overhead I tend to have 3-4 thin, very warm layers on and dont often even bother with a topper….like I was in the city yesterday and had on 2 thermal shirts, 1 knee length winter manteau I had made in Saudi (but Irani style) and a thick, handknit, alpaca wool sweater…frankly…i was very very toasty in the 23f and snowing weather…I had gloves on too…I had taken a thin parka with me incase but it ended up being dead weight…lugging it around.

    yah often if its just drizzling I dont bother with a umbrella either…but, while WE know that, now imagine though how that, that picture for example, looks to a non-Muslim who doesnt know us. It looks like the women are in the rain, cold and only the man has an umbrella and a coat on.
    It just looks bad…and yes one does have an umbrella in her hand…but still, it “just” looks bad…

    anyway, I just threw this picture up there cuz I was curious about responses to it. LOL

  5. Asalaamu Alaykum,

    Oh this is kinda funny. I don’t think we can blame the brother though, it looks like its not raining hard and one of the women has an umbrella in her hand she prob didn’t feel like opening. Plus, I notice I am a lot more insensitive to rain and stuff wearing abaya and niqaab because often times I barely feel it and even before I used to not really bother much with an umbrella because I liked the feel of the rain. I don’t think he was posing for a picture lol so if they are just minding their business shopping or whatever, I don’t see why he would be to blame because the woman with him didn’t feel like opening her umbrella and he (who does not have his head and face covered) wanted to shield himself from the rain.

    I see how some people may get the wrong idea about this but that would really be their own fault…I mean, we can’t live every detail of our life worried about someone taking a picture of us and using it as a muslim men are inconsiderate of women proof when its innocuous like this.

  6. I guess no need to read into the picture that much. The woman have an umbrella already in hand, they seem to have a hot conversation going on and probably the guy or women prefer to keep their own rythm and not to be the third wheel. Plus walking under a single umbrella is already hard work. I myself rather to get wet than try to fit into under someone’s umbrella.

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