Where to buy a real Overhead online?

wow, im getting inundated with questions about where to buy a decent overhead.

So…just my own personal opinion…

If your looking for a real overhead abaya…I suggest Al-Hediya…its a store based in Kuwait, its been around for over 10 years or something…and she carries two styles of overhead abayaat which are authentic Gulf style. I just emailed her to ask whether its possible to special order different crepes…like forsan, saloona or harir. Once I know I’ll post her response here.

Over the past decade Ive had atleast 2 overheads from Al-hediya and they are about as authentic as you can get as the material, cut, seaming, drape is very traditional. They are not the new style of overhead with snaps down the front of the mini cuffs or made of one piece of double width crepe. They are the traditional style which is two pieces of single width crepe joined so there is a center seam, no snaps down the front so its held shut and the overseam stitching. Exactly the same as whats still worn in Bahrain (just not silk).

I highly highly recommend the overhead from here. The material is VERY lightweight and smooth, its not that atrocious Kuwaiti crepe stuff… She also has this overhead called a “chador style” which is closed up the front…note IT IS NOT CHADOR STYLE…LOL…ive emailed her about that twice in the past but she doesnt change it…c’est le vie.

Not to down on SunnahStyle (Their Platnium range and silk ranges are indeed good, alhamdullah) but I am NOT a fan of their icky Kuwaiti crepe. Kuwaiti crepe is about the cheapest, thinnest crepe out there its akin to sheeting or something…even when worn as a shoulder abayaah it really sticks to the body with any sort of movement, also its not cool or breathable at all. If your serious about a real overhead…until SS swiutches to better quality crepe for their overheads…you best bet may indeed be Al-Hediya.

I hope this helps!


5 thoughts on “Where to buy a real Overhead online?

  1. Thank you SO SO MUCH for this post!! Really a great help and relief! I just spent the last two hours reading a blog about how a dozen websites I saved as possible sites to buy from are scams such as essenceofblack.com and ummniqab.com…But since you have purchased from al-hediya yourself I am happy to give them a try. Insha’Allah it will be good. Thank you again for your time and help.

    • salaams, ive actually ordered from her site-alhediya like 8 times…LOL…from about 2001 up till maybe 2 years ago. So yes, its def. legit 🙂

  2. Assalaam Alaikum

    Before I went to the UAE, I ordered a lot of things from Alhediya and was always happy with the quality. I still have some good looking shayla that must have ordered eight or more years ago.

  3. I love the overheads from Bahrain. Mmmmmyummy.

    Thank you for this post on fabric qualities. Me, I can feel a quality fabric, but even living in the Gulf, I never, never know what it is called beyond Bahraini silk.

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