I need to share the reality…

paypal sucks

salaams all.

This post has nothing to do with hejab or clothing or whatever else but has everything to do with understanding why I absolutely loath and refuse to use Paypal-ever!

Alhamdullah since I started Arabian Threads I am proud to say I have NOT used PayPal…and while maybe it has kept away some potential customers, if nothing else staying far, far away from PP has helped me to keep my sanity.

I did use Paypal..ages ago, I think I signed up for it first in 2003/2004 and used it for Ebay. The height of use came after my son was born and I became addicted to baby carriers from the FSOT board of TheBabyWearer where PayPal is the norm payment method when buying and selling carriers. It seemed to work fairly well at the time, although it did miff me that they took out fees constantly and were a bit “big brotherly” with the money. IYKWIM. but, i digress…

Anyway, all was going well until I GOT SCAMMED…so this woman purchased a babycarrier off of me-A French made Mei Tai carrier and paid me-it was less than $50  so nothing major so i thought. Alhamdullah I put tracking on it because according to the USPS Tracking information she DID receive the package. BUT, guess what happened…she filed a complaint with Paypal saying I took the money and never actually mailed her the item and that i’m a fraud. So Paypal emailed me about this and said I had x number of days to prove my case. I spent a LOT of time in my very last semester of graduate school-and yes during finals of all things, going around, gathering proof and scanning it in and emailing them the proofs stating that no I mailed it and she has it and this is all a huge lie…IT DID NOT MATTER…Paypal AUTOMATICALLY sided with the customer and took the money from my account. Obviously, I’m smart, I didnt leave the money IN the PP account, I withdrew it to my own bank account, so the funds came out of their own pocket, but they suspended my account for lack of funds. I was extremely angry about this because I obviously would never scam someone and I did provide them proofs…yet it came to naught….I was the one at fault.

At that point I made the decision to NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER come hell or high water or whatever to ever use Paypal.

alhamdullah I havent, except my husband bought something from Ebay under my account name and used paypal which argh-apparently automatically signs you up for an account even if you do not want one. So now there is a PP account linked to my email, which I loath. recently, I’ve been trying to clear out my stock on Ebay and it dawned on me how much Ebay and PP are intertwined! wow.

First, you can NOT mention that you do NOT accept PayPal in your listing…if you mentioned Google Checkout -as an example- they will not let you post it…you can not even state that you do accept Money Orders! Ebay owns Paypal so basically they are getting your money twice if you sell on Ebay and accept payment with Paypal. So alhamdullah I found a way around it and have been selling the items, but still…its stressful because people tend to not read the entire listing and try to shoot you off a PP payment. LOL…WHICH leads me to another issues…should someone pay you with PP…you can not just refund them, PP will not let you…you can either refund them LESS than what they paid you or you must link your bank account to them in order to refund the entire amount. Its such an incredibly sketchy system.

Other aspects which just give me the creeps is that there are no regulations which are really controlling them (unlike a bank) and what they do with your money and if your sheltered enough to think PP rocks your world and your safe from any chargebacks or disputes think about. It’s incredibly common for them to take peoples money, they hold it, they suspend accounts and there is NOTHING you, the user can do about it! If there is a dispute, you as the seller are automatically at blame and whatever is in your account is taken from you with NO recourse!!! It doesnt matter if you were the victim of fraud, a scam or anything else.

…And yes, alhamdullah there ARE options out there…hello…Money orders, Google Checkout,  Money Bookers, Western Union, etc, etc. I personally cant fathom why someone would even use them…the risk of loosing your money is incredibly high…atleast to me, the risks don’t make sense.

Also I wanted to add that one perk to my NOT using PayPal is I am less at risk of being scammed!…when I was in Saudi, I spoke to a friend of mine who ran a clothing business in the UK and she was saying how she was targeted by these Muslim sisters who go around, order expensive stuff ONLY using Paypal mind you…they get the items and then cause the sister selling the items a lot of problems by saying the items never came or came and are messed up…they would get their money back automatically via Paypal…no they got items for FREE at the expensive of the sister running the company. Auzhoobillah…


8 thoughts on “I need to share the reality…

  1. Wow! sorry to hear about the dramas but thanks for sharing. Glad I never used paypal, I stick to debit visa for online purchases. Transfer the amount needed from a main account so there is never much in there, only the necessary funds for that transaction. I hate paying the overpriced shipping anyways so I rarely use online shopping…

    An almost identical problem happened with a friend of a friend’s husband selling printers on ebay. Customer said the goods were faulty (they weren’t) and said they would return to the seller (he didn’t). Complained to pp, got a refund from seller’s account but the seller never received the returned goods! So the customer kept the printer and got the money back!! Plus the seller got a bad rep from the ‘customer’ (fraudster) and a call from the FBI!! Can you believe it!

    • You know sis…what you described occuring to your friends husband and what occured to me is SERIOUSLY COMMON…there are several anti-PayPal websites out there and people talk about their bad experiences with that…it happens way to frequently…and PP does NOT seem to care because they get a cut regardless…why should they care?

      ugh…yah stay away from them.

  2. I would really like a google checkout account, if only for their shopping cart, however they don’t cater to sellers outside of the UK or USA. So there are a lot of people who have to use PayPal because we simply don’t have access to Google Checkout for now. InshaAllah one day they’ll expand 🙂

    • salaams, I realize this may be the case…but do ask them…because I signed up for GC when I was in Saudi…granted I had a US bank account and a PO box back here which I used…but I still signed up as a resident of Saudi, which they allowed. I forget, it was a rather intense process…LOL…but well worth it.

      Oh, just be very very very very very careful because I have heard sooo many stories of women targeting small Islamic shops like yours and scamming them using PP…just be very diligent. en’shallah this never happens to you though.

  3. Glad I’m not the only one who hates paypal! I avoid it unless it is an item that I absolutely cannot find somewhere else for a similar price.

  4. I hate pay pal, too!!! They hold a portion of money and don’t release it to you, to keep as back up in case people claim they never got their stuff, that’s not the only reason I don’t like them though! It’s not fair or right. I don’t blame you for not using it. We sell on ebay and have no choice but to use them…

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