Inside Story…from Al Jazeera English

salaams…very very interesting and all I gotta say is rock on wit ur bad self (to the British Muslim woman who was on the panel…she was extremely on target! woohooo)



7 thoughts on “Inside Story…from Al Jazeera English

  1. This topic always gets my hijab steaming! Ms. Hassan was extremely sharp and never lost her cool, alhamdulillah. She was the epitome of “civilized” in fact, whereas the ill-informed but so irritatingly smug and opinionated Mr. Gerard was not! And why oh why do these people continue to use the term “burqa” when what they are really talking about is “niqab”?! It’s so frustrating when non-Muslims and governments want to stick their noses into our religion and tell US what the Quran says. There is obviously more to this than just simply how individual Muslimas choose to dress-an insidious political agenda- but that’s another story. I just wish Mr. Gerard and others like him would “burq” off- but (sadly) they just want to make life difficult for the Ummah. May Allah ease the difficulty for us and of our sisters in Europe and Turkey and Tunisia- and grant us Sabr.

  2. You know, those “citizenship courses” that niqabis will have to take remind me of the re-education camps in Communist countries.

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