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Yes, contrary to popular belief by some people… Saudi Arabia does indeed have several glossy fashion and lifestyle magazines geared towards women. Sayidaty is probably the best known outside of the Gulf, but there are others. One of which is Roaa. When I was in Saudi I now and then picked up issues of Roaa because its more geared to whats going on in Saudi and there were usually gloss abaya and jalabeeya fashion features. Anyway, here are some recent covers…


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  1. Asalaamu alaikum

    I thought photos weren’t allowed there and that they blacked out this kind of stuff. Why on earth are the women showing their hair? I mean this is Saudi!

    • ahhh…see…thats the universal assumption “but its Saudi” or “This is Saudi”…au contraire…a lot of what you read/hear about what goes on over there is not always 100% accurate. The entire time I was over there only on maybe 3 occasions did I go into a book store or a grocery store and see that someone blackened out covers…but not the actual cover, just the plastic wrap that goes around the magazine…yeah, only 3 times…and it wasnt consistant…like a mag at Hyper Panda may have a blacked out plastic wrap but the same mag at the bookstore Jareer wouldnt. They no longer really do that, although models are airbrushed with clothing if they have on a tank top or show the shoulders or if they model a skirt, they airbrush hosery on to the knees. LOL. Actually many women in saudi show their hair…even many, many, many Saudi women. Many Saudi women just throw on the shaylah and have it half off the head, its more a respect to culture than anything else and not a religious thing for them.
      People wanna believe Saudi is all Mutawween, niqab, black, etc but this isnt necessarily so and certain areas are more liberal than others.

      There are many other womans mags from Saudi and some like Sayidaty rarely even show women with a scarf on, instead they show popular film stars and singers…ditto for the English mags geared towards Saudi women and Gulf women like Dazzle and Arabian Women…they rarely show women in actual hejab.

      • Also…photos are allowed there, probably the ONLY Saudi’s that would object to photos are those Mutawwah types who are very orthodox Salafi. Most Saudi’s probably dont and wouldnt object to pictures, you see them everywhere snapping pics anyway…and how would the TV work anyway if pictures werent allowed. Also, keep in mind, Saudi is actually diverse religilously…while the government may have aligned itself with Salafiism…the population is generally Shaifi, Hanafi, Sufi or Shia. In the Hejaz…Sufism and Shaifism was the traditional madthabs,…in the EP, Shia’ism was the norm and the vast majority still are shia. Pretty much just the central, desert, bedouin areas were Hanabali-i.e. now Salafi.

        Saudi is indeed a very diverse country.

  2. How many of this women are muslim? or middel eastern ? They have all very light eye coloure very fair skin colure and some even look like east europan,the “saudi” women are not all that fair skin. But look like the magazin sale better like this. I personaly find dark skin women very very pretty , but under my middel eastern frinds i’m alone with this opinion.

  3. Most of the people think all people in saudi religiouse and Nr. 1 muslims. hey think again i did see reports about what is really going on in secret saudi arabia.

  4. salaams, well actually Saudi hosts skin colors, eye colors and hair colors of all spectrums…there are actually naturally blonde, green/blue eyed Saudi’s just as there are Saudi’s who are extremely dark in skin and hair color. yah the majority tend to have the stereotypical Bedouin look, it varies depending on where you are.
    Like in the Hejaz, most saudi’s there are actually not even semitic, but most, their families emigrated there hundreds and hundreds of years ago from Turkey, Iran, Bosnia, Macedonia, Russia, Central Asia, Indonesia, India, Egypt, Greece…etc…and settled and stayed. So in Jeddah its not unusual to find Saudi’s who look like they are European. That one women on the first cover is from Jeddah and is from Saudi and is Saudi but is of Persian and Turkish ancestory.

    In the Eastern part many of the Saudi’s are mixed too with Persian and Iraqi blood so some are quite fair too. Its a similar situation for Bahrain, you also have a lot of admixture of African blood too and many are equallyu as mixed. I remember once dh, Ibi and I were at this outdoor suq, we were speaking in Farsi to each other and dh accidently bumped into this VERY tall and big, VERY dark skinned Bahraini guy with a big white thobe and shmagh…anyway dh said excuse me in Arabic to the guy but the guy replied back to us in Farsi…cuz he heard us speaking it…he then asked us where we were from and vise versa…both DH and I were like…WOW!

    Slso figure in histoprically its been very very very common for Saudi men to get Turkish, Syrian and Iraqi wives (traditionally) so many Saudi’s are actually mixed with those anyway through their mom or grandmom.

    So again, another myth dies…

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