Snow day!

salaamu alaikum

Well, we got another blizzard…and more snow…it seems like it’ll never end…LOL…we are counting down the days till March cuz it’s been snowing almost constantly since the end of November…with an odd 1 week break around New Years where it was 50f one day! LOL

Anyway here are 2 shots from outside in our back yard…the snow was up to my knees in most places and thighs in other areas…Ibi was up to his thighs and waist most places…and it was extremely, bitterly cold so we didnt stay out more than 10min.

Oh and the scarf is my new Turkish twill scarf from EDB CollecTion…I am oging to take more pics of the other scarves in the next few days and post a proper review…but I LOVE them…mashallah. This twill one is quite comfortable, soft as silk and is great for cooler temps….

Our grill…LOL

And just to let u all know, after we snapped the pic I put Ibi’s hood up, zipped up his coat and stuck gloves on him…LOL…


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  1. assalaamu Alaikum

    Masha’Allah, LOL! I thought the first picture was a professional models shot! What a great picture. Very odd to see an abaya in knee deep snow, but contrast of black and white is striking and photogenic, and Iove the look of the scarf. We are getting an unusual amount of snow here in Seoul,but nothing like that!

  2. Salaam alykum! I just wanted to say that

    #1 I LOVE your blog, I prefer it to watching tv or anything lol sooo fun to read and informational and just great masha’Allah!!

    #2 I wrote on ur blog a couple days back on where I can get an overhead abaya online and you responded with a great post so thank you so much on that!

    Also, I requested you on facebook, my name is in Arabic but its with a picture of a girl wearing a tan colored top and brown hijab with a flower print on it and a purse. Just so you know in case you are wondering who sent u it! lol Its ok if you dont wanna add me I am just letting you know!

    Anyhoo keep up the writing its sooooooo great i told my friends they shud read it cuz the overhead abaya sections, as well as travel posts are just SO fun to read. Salaam!

    • P.s….I did indeed get ur FB request…but, I regret to tell you…pls dont hate me, but I wont approve it. See, I dont use FB too much and I try to have just a few friends on it, friends I know from actually in real life…call me paranoid, weird, mean…whatever…but actually my FB is horribly dull…I barely even use it, I just use it to poke friends and send them annoying messages. LOL.

      Sorry! Dont hate me.

      • NOOO of course not!! lol that is completely fine!! hehe its ok really :o) I don’t hate you or anyone, especially not over facebook!

  3. MasAllah, you have great style and look so elegant! I looove that first pic. It looks professional!!

    Hey I hope you can help out and lend your expertise on something. I’m looking at the abayas here on this FB page (!/pages/Akhawat-Abaya-Couture/139540996096385 )and wondering, besides them being pretty, does the material look quality? What’s your honest assessment? I’m asking because I feel you knowfirst-hand about the issue and might be able to gauge a lot about the abaya just viewing it on-line. JazakAllah khairun!

    • Salaams

      well I am looking…I really can not tell good enough just based on the pictures and descriptions as its not hard to take good Pictures of something…you know. But I sent them an email with some questions about the materials used and the construction of the garment (cording, edging, fabric weights, etc).

      The thing is…I want to say they look good, but its very very hard to tell as sometimes…esp from what ive seen in Saudi…sometimes you’ll have a rotten, cruddy abaya (materials, construction) but the embroidery or designs are very exquisite and nice and hence very very expensive, so its possible they are good quality from top to bottom-materials, construction and design or not…I donno. BUT, For the prices, they dont give good enough descriptions of the fabrics, cut, design and embroidery.
      They do look to be UAE style…and UAE style tends to be much gaudier and a bit diff from saudi style…so its a toss up.

      En’shallah they get back to me…As of right now, I’m 50/50…

  4. salam
    first photo is wonderfull.what a professional photographer! 🙂
    after so many prayers we just had a little snow in Tehran(and only rain in south of city),it melted 48 houres later.

  5. I love this! Snow is so nice… my husband and I went to see it just once and I still remember it! And the twill hijab looks GORGEOUS – I have a few from her, and didn’t choose the twills ’cause light colours don’t look good on me but you look great!
    You’re going to have to teach me how to light out the face too, everytime on my blog I just use a skin colour draggy thing and it looks like the face doesn’t exist heheh.

  6. OK, Phew… I’m just uber uber uber careful about my online presence and everything else because…really, who knows…thats for example one reason why I always blank out faces on personal photos… Allahu alim….I’m also older…LOL…and we tend to be conservative with online stuff anyway. teehee.

  7. Ellen…I donno about the climate where your at, but if your in anyplace semi-tropical…a twill may be too toasty anyway, here its perfect…like really, really perfect…thou in the midst of summer when it gets very very humid, it would probably be too much…but if you have fairly temperate weather and some coolness, it may work…and even though light colors wash you out too, I think why this one doesnt is cuz of the bright teal border and the black plaid…so its not just straight white. Y’know…

    • Oooh yeah, it can get pretty hot here so might not be the best for the next few months at least! It looks lovely on you though, definitely doesn’t wash you out at all – the darker colours look great on you!

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