Such lovelies…

alhamdullah the first box o’ clothing I was expecting from Iran has finally arrived…wooohooo… Everything is sooo gorgeous and lovely, mashallah. In this box was a few scarves…such as this lovely shaylah called a “shal-e vafa” which ties behind the head and then one end snaps at the opposite cheek so the chin and chest is covered…I love the drape and the coverage! **btw if anyone is weirded out by my usage of sparkley thingies on these pics…LOL…I do sometimes like to decorate my pictures…but more importantly, now and then I find pics I post on this blog-personal pics used elsewhere online without my permission! which isnt cool!** The  by way of modern chadors…there were several in this batch…but my favorite were these… Lubnani style…its a diff style than what ive seen out of Lebanon (I have one)…this one though is a full batwing, with a slight criss-cross front, edged in satin piping…it fits the head well and feels as light as air, it obviously has elastic in the head area of it. This one is by far my favorite-alas…not mine though…but I do want one for myself…en’shallah!


Another is this one…its a special design with a half sleeve which is decorated…its also like an all-in-one covering…no need for a scarf or anything cuz it has it all-if you dont wanna bother with a scarf, it also can be a niqab too! mashallah!

So it has this extra flap of fabric stitched to the attached underscarf and you bring it up and over to the snap on your opposite temple…voila insta maghneh which covers the neck and chest or insta-niqab.

There were several other cute modern chadors in there, another like the above with just a plain, narrow cuff, a modern sleeved design, a traditional sonnati and a few others. mashallah.

Here is another which I like…its a short shalee design…the shal is attached to the manteau/abaya and is worn up over your scarf for extra chest coverage and a nice drape/look.

I cant wait till everyone sees what they got…and until the rest of the stuff comes…wohhooo!



Just to let all you know…I am planning in about 1-2 months to start having this stuff on hand to sell from my end-lemme just finish my big exam in 3 weeks and get into the program I’m applying for-en’shallah…so if anything interests you, just leave me a comment with your email and I’ll directly contact you. Also I may have 2 of these all-in-one chadors in stock as I think one of my friends here who ordered has decided to back out on her items…LOL…shes ignoring my messages…or so it seems, I’ll wait till wednesday till I know. But, yes, I know this stuff is great, esp the modern chadors…and there are many other designs…so let me know, en’shallah.


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  1. Love the overhead abaya 🙂 is it a site you ordered these from? Because I’m dying for one of those one-piece hijabs that the women commonly wear in Iran and I cannot find them anywhere :/

  2. Do you have any of the half sleeve chadors left? And if you get that awesome shaylah in black or a darker colour, put my name on it girl! 😉

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