Pictures of my winter-weight Jelbab (Algerian Overhead)

I wanted to share with you all my new winter-weight El Bassira jelbab, fresh in from France. I got it from a French muslimah who vends jelbabs from her home. It was quite inexpensive and she sent it via economy post so all together it was an incredible bargain…it DID take 2 months to get to me though. LOL. I still can’t quite understand why French post is incredibly slow. I donno…

Anyway, it wont really be suitable for the warmer weather as its made of a very thick and weighty peachskin with a slight sheen to it, but for the cool temps and wet weather we are having its indeed quite perfect. In comparison the one I had gotten previously made out of crepe caviary is feather light and matte. The caviary is indeed more all weather-leaning towards being best for warmer temps.

The winter-weight one for some reason does hang better on me and doesnt look quite as baggy as the Caviary one…I assume this is due to two reasons…first this new one is in a size 2 which fits me perfectly, proper length and all and its heavier so the hang is better, whereas the caviary one is a size 3 and I had to hem it as it is…so its indeed baggier.

Onwards to a few pictures…outside was grey, cold and rainy so I just took a few sitting in my husbands office.

and some random French sisters in jelbab pictures…

One reason why I really like this style is that other than the design being extremely comfortable and easy to wear but I view it as sort of an indigenous western-style of overhead overgarment., Granted I know it originated in Algeria but given how popular they are in Europe, esp in France amongst all Muslim women (not just those of Maghrebi background) and given the cuts, designs and wide variety of colors that they come in I do sort of feel they are quite ideal for western sisters and even those who dont feel comfortable in a Gulf or Iranian overhead or maybe feel they are too “foreign” or “dramatic” would find these quite subtle and appropriate and they can be “worked” with in ways which more traditional overheads can not be….they are easy to layer and you can get funky with underscarves and even other embellishments should you choose.

Other than…you can get these are Bismillah Boutique along with many, many other shops based in France and from sisters who vend at home…the only real problem is the cost of shipping, but if it’ll be worn, then it’s worth it-I think.


8 thoughts on “Pictures of my winter-weight Jelbab (Algerian Overhead)

  1. Salaam sis. Could you email me the sister’s contact info? I have looked at some of these before but the website was sold out and I didn’t know if maybe this sis still has stock.

    I am very serious about buying a couple of them insha’Allah.

    Jazaki Allahu khair,

    Sr. Jeanna

    • salaams, sister Bismillah Boutique has the same ones in stock…its the crepe epaisse (sp?) which means thick crepe. The problem is, you be able to pay her because she doesnt accept paypal or any other online payment methods and sending payment to France via Western Union is actually very expensive…so unless you know someone in France and figure out some complex way of getting money to them and then they paying her its pretty next to impossible.

      i cant quite fathom why more sisters over there dont use online payment methods, but they dont…like on the forums Im on, they just vend locally and deal with cash or checks.

      So frankly, your best bet, is buying from an established shop that accepts online payments…it blows, but thats how things are. I think thats why these arent very common outside of Europe yet…they can be hard to get.

      Best of luck…

  2. Salam alikum , this is my style what i love to wear , i did ones buy one from a albanian muslim who made them from home in germany she told me they are the new style in europe. Any way in australia i’m the only one in Sydney area who wears this style hijab. But i love it and i dont like to change any more to other hijab. At my University the other muslimah look much more stylish as i’m in my algerian style overhead but i feel that i have the ultimate coverage and that i make the balance between niqab in wearing the chinpart a finger wide under my mouth. The “normal” khalijje abaya was not really cover my shape. maybe someone could draw on a pice of paper how to cut the material to make them at home ???

    • salaamu alaikum, I think sis since you have one already you can easily lay it out over material and cut…its cut isnt very fancy or elaborate…I do wanna try to make one as well…but in a linen blend for summer…we’ll see though…

  3. Ohhh *sigh*! I REALLY want one of these badly! I’ve wanted one ever since I saw women wearing them in Algeria- but whenever I asked where they got them they said they made them themselves!
    My husband’s sister and female cousins live in France, so maybe I could get one through them? What would be the best way of doing that? Please help, as I’ve NEVER ordered anything online, especially from another country! And, at the risk of sounding un-Islamically commodity greedy, I WANT WANT WANT one- hehe!

    • No sis, its UBER easy to order online from a French shop…only real hassle is the wait for it to arrive as Le Poste tends to be rather slow-ish. But, what I do is open up Google translate and the store on 2 tabs and when I do the order whatever words I dont know I just C&C to GT and voila…its very easy.

      Thou if you do have relatives in France they may indeed be able to get them cheaper…so you could always ask. but take a peep at the online shops to see whats available and what styles you’d be interested in.


      best of luck!

  4. I do like the look of these but they don’t suit me, I find them too hot as they aren’t loose around the face, and not nursing friendly as again there isn’t that gap to look down into, even on the 2 piece versions. Also even thin peachskin looks horrendous on me and the thicker varieties are even worse, it looks really nice on you though MashaAllaah.

    • Jazakhallakhairoon…actually I do prefer the “Caviary” crepe one I had better as its light as a feather and very smooth and matte, same as the high qualiuty crepes used for abayaat and stuff in Iran and the Gulf. But this one is indeed nice too, its best though for winter temps…like it was kinda warm a few days ago and it did feel a bit steamy cuz the material is quite heavy and thick. Note, I ended up redoing the cuffs so the sleeves are straight and tapered and not puffed with elastic. Looks better…I think. but I will leave the Caviary one as it is, as reworking the sleeves for this one was indeed a bit of a hassle. LOL

      I’m used to my scarves being tight to my face so its not a problem for me, really…plus they fit similarly to Irani maghnehs so those I’m also used too…for me the headband took time getting used too. hehehe

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