Yea or Nea?

Ive had these pictures floating around in one of my desktop files for ages…they are pictures of women in UAE in a variety of trendy style abayaat.

I entitled this post “yea or nea” because some of the designs are just incredibly tacky/over the top…while others…i think are quite beautiful.

Here they are…

Definetly “Nea”…Sistah got too much prints goin’ on…clashing left and right!

While the design is beautiful and modest…the belt puts the chest on display a bit too prominently…iykwim…it would be pretty around women/family under a non-chest exposing abaya…

While I think Belhasa is a fantastically fashionable woman who balances a busy career with being a mom…some of ther designs are 100% off…way…way…way off.

So lie you got the abaya on…over a short skirt, tights/leggings and boots…it just doesnt look right, mesh well and dang isnt even close to Islamic attire…oh and the patterns/colors clash too!

The overall look  is Beautiful and sleek-open abaya with tarha over a long gown but upon closer inspection it does not match nor blend well or elegantly because the colors and designs are off. I say, close the abaya…and it’ll look prettier with the tarha.

80’s punk meets slashed jeans meet slasher film meets UAE meets abaya…definetly way tooooooooooo much!  ugh…

Definetly Yea…

Cute, perky and not over the top! I like!

Utterly elegant and beautiful but not over the top.


Call me mean but…you know what they say “Money don’t buy you class”…and thats 100% true.


5 thoughts on “Yea or Nea?

  1. I agree with all your verdicts- the only thing I’d add is ” Ladies, please- put your hair IN your hijab!”

  2. I agree with all your picks. And reasons.

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE my balloon sleeve jersey babies. They rock and are so coooooooooomfy.

  3. assalamualikum
    I really enjoy your site. Mashallah. I consider myself an old school hijabi and although I understand the difficulty of covering and various other things that go into a sister not covering right ( eg, bang hijab, skinny jeans, tights etc). It is nice to know that there are people upholding the true hijabi essence which is Haya. Thank you again.

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