Would you wear this?

I’ve come to the conclusion that North Africans love their Sarouel (aka, shalwar, aka harem pants) because if you spend any time on French hejab shop sites you see a multitude of Sarouel styles for sale and some I think actually look half decent. Like something I might actually wear outside and which doesn’t look weird, comical or just more suited to inside wear.

Not to say I dont love shalvar (shalwar, sarouel) myself…I own a few pairs of bakhtiari mens shalvar I pick up in Iran everytime I go, I have been known to snag my husbands Kordi style shalvar, my husband lives in his…he’ll even go outside in them and my son usually romps around the house in his Saudi shalvar…but to me, I consider them home wear…not even outside under an abaya or jilbab. Its sorta like wearing a teeshirt or sweatpants…they are for the home.

But, these North African designs seem more like a skirt than anything else.

Take for example these…

I actually think they look pretty decent and maybe even suitable for wearing outside, on the street in leu of say a skirt or jeans… what do you think?

They are also popular with the demi jelbab style…


I just wonder thought it would make you walk funny…??

Then there are these fancier versions which I reckon would be good for special occasions… (btw the one below I *love*, its from Al Moultazimoun)

What do you think??

They dont look like M C Hammer, hammer-time pants or the I Dream of Genie style Harem pants either…and I guess thats why I think they are kind of cute.



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  1. I’ve seen these as well, but I’m not sure I’d wear them. They are loose and Islamically proper, but they seem a bit bottom heavy to me. Skirts swish , but these look like they would just bag around your feet and ankles- and probably trip you up- hehe! Actually, now I think about it, they remind me of those really baggy trousers worn in Japanese martial arts like Kendo ( the one with swords). They’re certainly better than tight jeans, but I guess I’m a skirt girl, really.

  2. lol……first time seeing this type of pants, the nearest being the one normally worn by my Pakistanis friends under their abaya i.e. shalwar kameez. Don’t think I fancy this type of pants.

  3. I’ve seen women wearing them here in Seoul as fashion. They probably are worn by Japanese tourists – some of them are ultra-fashionable. They look comfortable, and the ones I’ve seen are not baggy or even particularly swishy. I have worn Pakistani type selwar a lot, but never have had the opportunity to try the other kind. They do look at bit odd to me, but also look comfortable. Maybe it is the big new hot fashion and we will see skinny models going down the catwalk in big selwar! LOL

  4. Salaam alaikum sister,

    I live in Morocco, and personally, I’ve never seen women here wear pants like this. A lot of women will wear the “princess Jasmine” (which I love as “underneath an outergarment” wear by the way!) style harem pants under their djellabas, but I’ve never seen these. Perhaps they’re a new style “fusion” garment? Personally, I think they look kind of cool, but like you, I would be worried that they would trip me/make me walk funny. Also, like Halima, I think they might not look so great while one walks…they don’t look like they’d have a lot of movement, unlike skirts, so they would probably look a bit strange. However, I would definitely rather see a sister sporting these than skinny jeans or leggings/tights (which unfortunately tends to be a trend, especially amongst the younger girls here) :/

    • “skinny jeans or leggings/tights (which unfortunately tends to be a trend, especially amongst the younger girls here) :/”

      exactly, in France we see women wearing tight and a shirt + a hijab and all the make up stuff; it is unbelievable. We can see all their body contours!

  5. sister, why the attitude? I wasnt talking about people making fun of someone wearing the sarouel when out and about, I and several other sisters mentioned a worry that they would make you walk funny and possibly trip you up. Perhaps this is from the fact that these arent very common here in the USA.

    I say, take a chill pill…your on a Muslim sisters blog, not around a buncha fanatical anti-Muslim French people.


  6. Again…attitude…why? See instead of coping an attitude why dont you explain to us…since your obviously French of North African background just exactly how they are worn, fit and feel verses this response here.

  7. Why the attitude? Please refrain yourself…this is not appropriate adaab on a sisters blog. jazakhallakhairoon. Every comment you made has been quite rude.

  8. No sister I am not deleting Quraanic ayaat/soraat or hadeeths…i do not permit FATAWAH which are rulings given by human beings. I DO NOT allow fatawah to be posted because if I permit say a Salafi scholar’s fatawah on my blog then I am promoting Salafiyyah, if I allow a Shia Marjah’s fatawah on my blog then I am promoting Shia, if I allow a Malaki scholars fatawah on my blog then I am promoting the Malaki madhab of Sunnism…which I do not wish to do because this blog is for ALL MUSLIMS…not just salafi, sunni or shia Muslims…hence I do not allow it.

    i allow Quraan and hadeeths but NO Fatawah.

    and secondly, I am hereby out NOT allowing your comments on my blog anymore because you have absolutely NO respect for other Muslims and your adaab is extremely, extremely rude and offensive.

    No, May Allah swt forgive you for your extreme lack of adaab sister… that is a far greater sin in the deen than my not allowing Salafi Fatawah, shia fatawah or sunni fatawah on my blog because I want it to be for all Muslims.
    Think about it.

    • Sister, I am no longer approving any of your comments as your intention is to cause fitnah. You are free to read my blog but do not comment. jazakhallakhairoon.

  9. A3oudhou billeh, no waLllahi, I don’t want fitna, I want the truth to be known. It is my duty to tell it and advise my sisters. Sometimes I tal with sisters in my town, they don’t wear the jilbeb but they don’t reject le like that and they listen to me because what I say doesn’t come from my nafs, it comes from the book of Allah and of the sunna.
    You began to tell me that I was doing a bad thing but I know I am right because I must order the good and condamn the evil, as each muslim must do.
    yOU THINK THAT WHAT YOU DO is better but I know it’s not because of the hadith of the 73 FIRQA.. Only one is on the good way, that’s why I don’t understand you.
    jUST TELL you don’t want to speack about religion on your blog, it will be clearer.
    bTHW i LOVE THE Niqab you are selling with a tie between the eyes but in FRance it is now illegal to wear it.

  10. I like them. I like Kendo pants too though. I like anything that I could kick-butt in and still be modest.

  11. asalamualikum
    I saw a sister wearing the shalvar with a very long khimar and i actually wouldnt have realised it was a shalvar if i hadnt read it on your blog!! it looked like either a 2 peice skirt or a jilbab an khimar seriously you couldnt tell anyway her husband picked her up on his moterbike and then i realised why she was wearing it..it probably really helps keep your undergarments/awrah hidden? she was sitting side ways on the bike but maybe with this shalvar thingy u can sit properly and still stay covered??
    btw i love your blog xx

  12. Hi,
    I’ve been wearing these types of pants for quite some time. They are very popular in France. They are referred there as sarouels. I’ve found some great sewing patterns on the net – Parfum du Ciel, for example.
    In my opinion, they have nothing to do with religion, just like Thai fisherman pants, kimonos and many other garments arising from different cultures. People should be open and willing to try different things and welcome diversity!
    Tea, Croatia

  13. Asalam waliykum sister,

    I am from Morocco too 😀 and i have never ever seen these worn there. the old school folk, like my grandmothers generations wore hareem pants, but not as low as that, more to the tigh, knee and with a looser fit around the ankle… and they are worn under djellabas, kaftans, etc. women do not walk outside with this on its considered Underwear. Now the new generation wear these as outer garments. But i have never seen this particular style. I honestly think its a french style, and their own twist on the hareem/ali baba pants.
    I wouldnt wear them outside, like others have said, could you run in them? i could imagine trying to jump over a puddle and ripping these lol. i am not sure how practical they are. Someone needs to review these. wear them and go out, do some running, jumping, out in the wind and rain, snow.
    I agree skirts are better you can lift them to avoid puddles, and they move with you and not refrain your movements.

    They do look super cool, sort of urban hijabi look. Very chillax. i would wear them around the house or for a gathering of friends and family.

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