Some cute new jilbabs from East Essence…

salaamu alaikum!

OK before I continue with this post I need to make 2 things clear.

The first is that I had ordered from EE like 2 years ago and while the items were OK-ish and quite inexpensive I did not find them to be very durable. But I think their quality must be improving as several friends have recently ordered from them and the quality looked considerably better. Ofcourse you get what you pay for…

and two…I do NOT WANT to suddenly get 20 thousand comments from East Essence comment minions whose sole job is to search online for any post or comment relating to EE and post blatheringly happy and extremely syrupy and fake sounding comments about how wonderful they are and yadda yadda…Since I first posted about East Essence many moons ago I have gotten an innumerable amount of such utter nonsense and I know they are written by EE minions because all the IP’s they use are from India! Hmm…so word to ye EE minions…dont make a comment to this post…OK…cuz I will know and will delete it!


East Essence has several new jilbabs and abayaat out…I am actually kind of liking them and am liking how they are finally moving away from the gaudy to the sophisticated. I snoticed they got rid of the many obvious Shukr knockoffs which they had and are instead taking a fashion nod from the Turkish pardesu front.

Actually I like this one below…the denim one the best…its kinda unique…I wonder how hot it would be though as it is denim with corduroy accents…hmmm


5 thoughts on “Some cute new jilbabs from East Essence…

  1. I got something from them last year and was satisfied with the quality/price ratio. It was quite inexpensive! And for me, it was a jilbab I would not wear often. It served its purpose during Eid and those occaisions. I like the last design you posted a lot! I will have to look into ordering again maybe!

  2. I love the look of pardesus, and while these ones are not the nicest one’s I’ve seen they’re not bad. I ordered their Amatullah jilbab a year ago (my first jilbab purchase ever), and mine is still holding up quite well Alhamdulillah. I might even order another Amatullah because they’re so cheap ($20, the cheapest I’ve ever seen a jilbab). I hate the design on that last brown jilbab, though; the pattern draws the eyes right to your crotch!

  3. I like #3 abaya and #4 jilbab (even though I’m not a jilbab-y kind of person). A friend of mine is inshaAllah going to order some abayas from EE for work, so I’ll ask her about quality if/when she gets them.

    I went to my local Muslim clothing shop and they were selling an EE pregnancy abaya for…wait for it…$129!!! Wait, I’ll get the link…

    It’s only $39 on the EE website!! What a mark up! And the Australian dollar is at parity with the US$, plus they must get wholesale prices so how they justify that is beyond me. But it did look like OK fabric and cut, and I liked the innovative horizontal breastfeeding zip concealed in the folds across the bust. I thought about ordering it from EE but the fabric is too heavy for the weather here, even in winter. Good insight into the local Islamic clothing store’s mark up…They had another EE pregnancy abaya (non-breastfeeding) called ‘Noshin’ in the stretch fabric and it looked like cheap fabric that would stretch horribly after one or two washes. The white-tiered abaya with cotton lace (called ‘Abal’) also looked cheap, but looks cool and fresh in the photo on EE website.

    Yeah, hate those cheesy, fake, gushing booster comments from the minions, lol.

    Haha, had to laugh at Anne’s comment about the design on the last abaya. I didn’t notice until she wrote that!


  4. Salaam alaikum,
    Though I’ve been tempted, I’ve never actually ordered from East Essence. Somehow their prices always seemed “too good to be true”…and I didn’t appreciate that they *used* to have a lot of knockoffs from Shukr (a company that I adore and would highly endorse to any Muslimah out there) and Artizara (I’ve never ordered from them, but a lot of their designs look fabulous). I’m glad to know that they got rid of most of their knockoff designs and are coming out with original designs of their own.
    The only one that really caught my eye was jilbab #4…nice, clean and simple for every-day wear. Honestly I feel like even though I don’t have a tummy, dress #3 would make me look pregnant because of all the gathers. The last one just reminded me a bit of a drab table cloth…perhaps it’s the oddly (and lol Anne, poorly placed indeed!) lace insert…or perhaps it’s just because it’s brown (not a huge fan of the all-over brown look, imho it looks better when it’s broken up with other colors). Jilbabs #2 and #5 I would also wear. The only things that make #2 not my favorite are the trim and the lapels (I find it’s hard to make a scarf drape nicely to cover the chest like it’s supposed to when there are lapels). I like the cute military detailing in #5…though I wish it were accented with something other than corduroy (I’m not really a huge fan of corduroy either, but will wear it in small doses). Alas, my online shopping days are over, so I’ll just browse and admire ^_^

  5. (i am not an east essence minion lol)
    My plain black abaya from EE is seriously my favorite abaya! lol. I have a couple other plain black abayas (from Sunnah Style) and they always get sooo staticy! Liike, to the point where I may as well just be wearing a pair of pants intstead of an abaya. My EE abaya seems to resist static cling a bit better alhumdulilah. 🙂 I do like their button down jilbabs too, I have number 2 and really really want number 4. 🙂

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