Such a cute and *unique* ensemble!

So today, as I was shuffling through my wardrobe trying to figure out what to wear to Costco and the Post Office in this crazy, itsy town we live in…I wanted to wear an overhead…preferably one of my colored overheads from France (Algerian overhead) but since I recently got this purple butterfly style which comes to almost the calves and is worn over a very A-line, matching skirt, I especially wanted to wear that. I love how it looks, BUT, I’ll be frankly…I am *not* a skirt person…never was, never has been…I am a pants person…I love my jeans…I very rarely ever wear a skirt. Even when I wear a jilbab, abaya or overhead it’s solely over pants.

Anyway I came up with this ensemble…it looked pretty smashing imho, I wish I could have had a picture taken…kind of boho, urban and unique quite remaining very covering and modest.

Basically I took the butterfly style top part of the set and wore it over my Shukr lengha jeans with purple flats and a funky Jareer Bookstore canvas tote (from Saudi) and I had a purple satin “bone” underscarf which peeped out, and some funky chunky rings…voila. My hubby said it looked almost the same as wearing a calf length poncho with a matching maghneh. Big perk was…was still an overhead overgarment…but kinda made a bit funky and different.

Lemme know what you think… Oh may I add that one perk to the Shukr Lengha pants (and any uber wide legged pant) is that they cover as good as a modest skirt but with the comfort of pants…like when I was in graduate school I lived in my Lengha jeans and serious everyone thought they were a skirt. LOL)

Overhead set

Overhead set by ummibrahim featuring flower flats

…I’m not a Polyvore fiend…so my  very rare sets tend to be pretty basic and to the point…hope no one minds!


8 thoughts on “Such a cute and *unique* ensemble!

  1. Assalaamu alaikum 🙂

    I love this set! Its very cute and totally looks like something I would wear 🙂

    Congratulations on getting into nursing school—and that’s really neat about wanting to become a midwife. I’d love to hear about what made you want to go that route :). I always thought that would be an awesome job!

    • asalaamu alaikum

      jazakhallakhairoon…well the midwifery thing comes from several angles….1 is a desire to work with women (and families) in one of the most important times in their lives…2…the feminist angle cuz I dont think men should be involved in anything relating to womens health and pregnancy/delivering…because they will never understand, plus its suich a deeply personal and private time in a womans life that I think few women really want men attending them…3 because I want to help women in the Muslim community (and other religious communities for that matter)…4 because its just awesome, I remember whne I was pregnant with Ibi, I did the midwife, natural childbirth route with a midwife & a doula (in trainining) and I pestered them with questions and read several of Ina May gaskins books on miodwifery and it just struck me as incredibly interesting, enlightening and a wonderful way to help women and in turn their families! Plus I really dislike all the generally un-necessary medical invasions which have made pregnancy and childbirth into a disease…its gone a long way from being something normal and natural which women could cope with and knew how to deal with to being something needlessly medical and dangerous/scary…I realize that mother/baby survival rates are much higher now, but if you read up on the history of midwifery, many of the problems which caused mothers/babies to die during and right after childhood was not following simple sanitation rules and poor nourishment…like people delivering babies with unwashed hands…hello bacteria and infection! If you study childbirth in the Scandinavian countries they have their act together so much more, women with normal pregnancies are not treated as sick people in need of medical care, instead they generally labor at home or in a center using a midwife, only those with real problems in their health or pregnancy go the more medical route.

      NE way…its pretty fascinating… en’shallah I achieve the goal!

      • That is really interesting and it seems like more and more women are coming to the same conclusions about childbirth (ditto for me as well 🙂 ). It just makes sense to bring back birthing to a more natural, woman centered practice.

        I haven’t read any of Ina May Gaskin’s books yet, which did you prefer?

      • I have the same reasons for wanting to be a midwife. Plus reason No.6: in a few years time I might move to North Africa and I would really want to help pregnant women there, esp. those who could not otherwise get adequate care and support because they live in impoverished areas or bcause their health service ain’t so good.

        I have read Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, and I’d recommend it to any woman. It really opened my eyes. I would also recommend Janet Balaskas and Michel Odent, both natural childbirth advocates. Odent’s approach varies a bit from Gaskin’s, but I like different perspectives.
        It’s sad how childbirth is viewed nowadays. People think you are crazy when you tell them you want to birth at home. And there isn’t much support for pregnant women, I mean real continuous support, not just regular medical checkups.

        I make du’a for you Umm Ibrahim and wish you blessings and joy in your new path as a midwife.

  2. I’ve thought about buying pants from Shukr before but haven’t because I have to buy petite length and always figured they wouldn’t fit right….

    • salaams…well I’m kind of short too…what I just do is either hem them at home or take them to a tailor…works out well. en’shallah some-day they come up with atleast 2 lengths for their skirts/pants. en’shallah

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