New designs from Jeddawi designer Rana Radi Abaya designs

Ohhh la laa….feast your eyes on these! If you can get to Jeddah she has a shop there and I believe you can also order online through her facebook page and soon to be website.

Her designs are distinctively Saudi while remaining current and trendy-like the usage of jersey fabric and Grecian draping in her abayaat.

Cuz you know…no self respecting Saudi woman ever-EVER forgets her heels! LOL

This one I would love to have…I love the cuffs…I have a similar, wide sleeved abaya but its 100% plain.

You know…I miss the ocean! sigh…ay khaleej-e fars…

Two lovely jalabeeya designs…


9 thoughts on “New designs from Jeddawi designer Rana Radi Abaya designs

  1. Oh! The purple and the pink with gold accents! *sigh* I was all serious looking at the more practical black abayas until I saw these two, and then I went all silly, hehe!

    And I’m so glad you’re back, Umm Ibrahim- missed you!

  2. The poka dot thing, SO non functional looking, plus, well not that attractive. If I wore that my hubby would laugh at me SO much!

  3. Mashallah love the new look of your blog! Very nice abayas! Thank you for all of your wonderful articles I enjoy reading them .

    • LOL…are you serious…if you actually read my post you would see I say I am NOT the designer for these…LOL…they have a facebook page…go talk to them there. Next time…actually READ the blog post. OK

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