Long khimaars-ordered one from HijabGirl

asalaamu alaikum

Okay…um, not really…we all know finding a decent long khimaar is akin to finding a decent XL square scarf or shaylah OR a half decent overhead abaya. Ugh…almost impossible…especially from within the US/Canada…while I agree that often its necessary to order from abroad…frankly, sometimes waiting a few weeks or paying up the wazoo for EMS shipping can be peevish.

But, did you know that US based HijabGirl actually stocks several types of long khimaar in various lengths and colors.

Seriously…there are so few US based shops that stock long khimaars its ridiculous. There is Al-Mujalbaba in New York and CaravanXpress which has one style and a few big sized squares and then a few other shops which occasionally carry long khimaar designs.

So anyway about HijabGirl. Its based here in the USA and I seriously think the same people that run it also runs the US outlet for Shukr. Because their mailing address is exactly the same as is their checkout system. *hmmmmm…interesting*.

The khimaars they carry are not peachskin or crepe but a polyester jersey material which is popular in Jordan…I know because several years ago a Jordanian friend had her mother bring me one when she came from Jordan to the USA and I remember looking at it like…what the heck is this…because it was jersey and stretchy and had tie backs. Oh…those were the days. I didnt find it very comfortable as it felt a bit too long for me and I couldnt cover my chin with it. So off to the masjid sadaqah bin it went.

But now, I dont mind them so much and given how hard it is to get long khimaars from within the USA the fact they ship for so cheap, so fast and have a wide selection indeed makes them enticing. Oh and I figured out how to remove some of the tieback, stitch on elastic and put in a chin cover. Voila!

I had ordered this one previously…

While I indeed loved the length oh how I hated the color. It washed me out and made me look horribly ill from afar. So return it I did. They were incredibly easy about returns-similar to Shukr USA and they were very sweet about it. No hassles or problems. mashallah.

I have since ordered the waist length style from them…in plum and grey. I didnt want them to be uber long as I felt waist length and in this material would be most versitle and good for Nursing School classes…where the stretchy material will be good for practicum in their lab and wont be so long it’ll get in my way. I may even order some white ones to wear with my scrubs (which btw the uniform shop finally understood my desire for a scrub dress and they have special ordered my a scrub dress to wear over baggy scrub pants so alhamdullah my awrah will be covered!)

I absolutely love purple, grey and green…those are my colors of the moment.

They also have this style which I know several sisters have and love…

Overall from the ones Ive had experience with they are indeed quite decent and since I’m not a huge fan of peachskin for overheads…they are indeed a nice change. Plus shipping is cheap and you’ll get them fast. alhamdullah

Any sisters here also ordered from them…what do you think?


10 thoughts on “Long khimaars-ordered one from HijabGirl

  1. I have ordered from HijabGirl and Masha’Allah I was satisfied with them. I ordered one of their long khimars (hip-length on me) in grey, which looks great. However, it is a bit too long to wear on a regular basis (I’m a student and I need my arms and hands free), and the hole for the head is too large (I need to wear another hijab underneath so it covers properly), so I ordered the one of the long khimars meant for girls in dark brown. Masha’Allah, the space for the head is small enough so I don’t have to wear anything underneath, and the length is perfect (it reaches down to my navel/below my elbows).

  2. Salaam sis. One word (as I always order from HijabGirl!) of warning on the two last ones you pictured. The one with the girl’s back turned (in eggplant) has a realllly small peak. Like only an inch or so. It looked weird on my face, I returned the 3 I bought last year.

    The last photo with the slightly longer one, I ordered 2 black and 1 brown as it had been ages since they had any stock in. They are VERY light weight (which has pluses and minuses) but also oddly made. The niqab was too small except for a sister with a TINY face and the facial opening was HUGE, open down to my neck. Also the tie back were put on kinda oddly.

    I love the shop in general and the customer service has always been excellent. However, the quality of my last 2 orders just wasn’t up to par. I stil have the black and brown; I can’t wear them but keep thinking I can adjust.

    I would love it if you could show me how you put a chincover on them as well as adding the elastic. I think that could solve my issue!

    Jazaki Allahu khair….

    • aww rilly, thats a shame…but you know its very very very easy to slightly tweak a khimaar style scarf so it has a peak (or the top peaks) and with a chin-cover…ala’ Old School Irani maghneh style. En’shallah when I get them. I will tweak them and post about it. I will def try. Also you dont need a sewing machine..although I have one, you can just as easily do it with a needle and thread.

      I always do this w/ alla my khimaars cuz I cover my forhead and chin, thou the Algerian ones do take the bother out as they come ready to cover the chin and forhead, mashallah…

  3. They’re quite easy to find here, Where i live is a HUGE somali population and the long khimars are popular amongst them. The somalis here have big mini malls filled with abayas, hijabs, oils and bakhoor, thawbs etc… And i also know they’re pretty easy to find up in philly i believe!

  4. Salam sister,
    I ordered a long khimar from HijabGirl once, but I found the fabric to be really uncomfortable — too hot even in winter and always getting static-y. I wonder if they are using a new fabric now, since you and the other sisters that replied seem to like them!

    • Salaam Sis Hannah. All the ones I’ve ordered have been a lighter-weight polyester fabric but you are right, they can be a bit warm in the summer. However, for me, the comfort of the tie-back totally negates the warmth factor. 🙂 I’m not a wrapped-hijab kinda girl. 🙂

      You can always email their customer service and ask which ones are lighter polyester. They might take a few days to get back to you but they’ve always been helpful in the past.

      Just curious, what color and length did you buy? If it’s past bust length I’d be happy to buy it off of you insha’Allah.

  5. Asalam waliykum sis,

    What are you training to be?
    I work in the UK, and trained to be a Radiographer…. but as they dont compramise on uniform i left my job and no longer work as a radiographer. I am looking for a new career.
    You mentioned scrubs so i guess hospital based?
    Are you allowed to wear long sleeves? is the dress fitted our wide and baggy?
    I really want to be a radiographer but not at the expense of my hijab. many sisters i worked with are happy to show their awrah exposing the whole arm only 1/4 covered with tunic and the tunic is fitted so tucks in at the waist showing, excentuating the chest and waist and hips all in one.
    DO they really cater for muslim women who wear hijab in America???

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