Striking assortment of pictures…

I have been gathering these in my laptops picture files for awhile now. They are just a random assortment of pictures that I found striking and/or interesting in some way. I like them because they show the wide diversity of Islamic dress and hejab around the world.

What do you think?

I love the contrast in this picture…niqabi…carsaf…regular scarf…mashallah

But…as we know…sometimes not all fashion styles are good for the covering Muslimah…for obvious reasons.

Practicing our deen should NEVER hold us back!


14 thoughts on “Striking assortment of pictures…

  1. Anyone who thinks that the properly covered Muslim woman looks like a “black bag” should have a look at that first photo- that’s some chic and glamorous “black bag”, and I don’t just mean the one hanging from her arm! hehe

  2. As salaamu ‘alaikum,

    I am giggling at the baseball cap. I would be too clumsy on the bike but I love that they are handling it.

  3. Asalaamu 3alaikum wa ra7matullah Umm Ibrahim,

    I love your Blog mashaaAllah it really promotes hijaab and it’s beauty. Just passing by and wishing you a great day inshaaAllah 😀

    Aalia xoxo

  4. btw sis you should soo have a place on your blog for sisters to post pics in hijab..we can blurr our faces out cos i really wanna share/show hijab pics with you xxx i also lovvve extra baggy overgarments,long khimars and overhead abayas!!
    btw first time commenting but been wandering around your blog for agggess!! xx

    • sorry sister, I do sometimes do interviews of sisters I admire…but generally I have no desire to do the sisters showing their own styles thing as there are many blogs that do this already…such as Stylish Muslimah…so if you wish to share your hejab style…ask the sister over at Stylish Muslimah, I know other blogs do it too.

      • sister I dont know, you have to go to those blogs that do reader pictures and actually email the owners of those blogs about submitting pictures.

      • no sis i mean the interviews you were talking about? you said you sometimes interview sisters you admire? thought you meant you put the interviews on your blog or something so i was asking where these interviews were?!
        xx peace xx

  5. salam
    I think every muslimwoman as a free humanbeing have right to choose her clothes on base of her undrestanding of Islam.
    there is no need to all of us have a same undrestanding about hijab,in fact it is impossible to expect all muslim women wear one type of it is better to not judge each other for what wear or not wear.if we want to non muslim people in west dont judge us on base of our appearance, it is better to start from ourselves in our muslim communities.
    I dont want to judge or offend anyone here,you asked what do you think and I wrote my thoughts.just it 🙂
    and althought it is a little late , Nowruz Mobarak to you and your family 🙂

    • salam, eid mobarek doostam! Vali…I agree but I think within reason as there are certain guidelines for dress and behaviour for both Muslim men and women that should be followed. Like for example, for Muslim women your attire must be loose and opaque and not show the curves of te body or the awrah-although what constitutes awrah differs minorly between madhabs and scholars…but this is the minimum along with wearing an overgarment or attire that covers like an overgarment (again, differs minorly between madhabs and scholars)…everything else such as styles and colors tends to fall to culture. Ofcourse most Muslims would agree that going out in a short skirt over skin tight leggings or wearing skinny jeans and a tunic do NOT constitue an overgarment and do NOT cover ones curves or awrah. Frankly most of what a lot of Muslim women wearing now adays is simply fashion and generally NOT modest or decent fashion with a scarf thrown over top. From skin tight pants outside in full view of the world to even wearing a teeshirt and calling that hejab! I dont think that every Muslim woman is at the level to wear a jilbab, abaya, manteau, chador, overhead overgarment, khimaar or whatever else is long and properly covering…so whatever, its between them and their rabb but say going out in skinny jeans and a tunic with a scarf on the pretext of it being hejab is wrong and actually shows non-Muslims that we Muslims are making a joke out of our deen to please them instead of our Rabb. See what I mean. I know a young sister here who is very intelligent and she SERIOUSLY thinks going outside around non-mahram men, like to work, school, etc in a tank top or a teeshirt and tight pants with a scarf is really hejab and if you try to give her naseehah or even ask why she does that, she honestly thinks that hejaab…she really thinks hejab is ONLY the headscarf when it is not, its everything, scarf, overgarment, attitude and behavior. Just to me, it irks me that she does this because then non-Muslims see her, think ok…thats cool…a half naked hejabi and then look at a sister like me, fully covered with only her face and hands (and sometimes feet in high summer) exposed and think I”M the crazy lunatic for being so covered up.

      Allahu alim. And about Muslim men…to many shirk their own duties towards their hejaab and that really ought to be addressed more within the community!

      • salamoualeikoum,
        When i was in school, i was not allowed to wear a jelbab so i used to wear a very loose and long tunic with a long skirt and pants underneath and my mother used to called it “burqa” (she’s not muslim). Lol. And she used to ask me why i don’t dress like these pretty girls aka the sisters you speak about (who think Hijab is simply a headscarf).

  6. salam alikum sisters, love this picture some was make me smile , one hijab looks a bit like shopping lists on it 🙂

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