Antique chadors during Qajar dynasty-Iran

I have posted pictures before on this blog showing the various pre-modern hejab styles worn around the world by Muslim women. I have also shown the chador styles that women during the Qajar dynasty wore and how the modern chador style called “Qajari” or “Kamri” came out of that look.

Anyway, here is a picture of how urban women during the Qajar dynasty dressed…

Outside chadors during this time were actually huge rectangles and often a portion was tucked into the wearers shalvar (outside pants) where as house chadors where semi-circular.

Anyway, I stumbled upon a gallery of Qajar womans articles online via an Iranian website and was struck by how utterly goregous their garments were and wow, how colorful!  I had read in some narratives written by western women who had lived in Iran during this time that most of the outside chadors were a dark/somber color but had very colorful edging which was shown for embellishment, rural and house chadors were extremely bright and colorful with rural ones often being made in a plaid material which was unique to each village.

These chadors were from a member of the Royal family…

Qajar womans house chador (not worn outside!)

Then this one which is also an inside chador…

and then this set showing an outside chador which was already sewn so it gave the look of being tucked into ones shalvar. Exactly the same as the modern Kamri design. mashallah.

All of these are made from fine taffetas and silks with lace embellishments. More common ones were made in a plainer silk or handloomed cotton material (especially rural chadors). Even the poorest woman would try to have a silk chador, even if it was low quality as those were the most durable and popular.

All of the above chadors shown are in private collections either inside or outside of Iran.

And here is a modern Qajari/Kamri chador…


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  1. Gorgeous fabrics and very interesting garments! Wish I had that green one! It is so clever and striking –

  2. Salam Khanoomi, were can I buy an chadors and Maghnae online? I am in love with Iranian Hijab fashion but cannot find anything online.

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