France has offically banned the Niqab!

asalaamu alaikum wr wb…

(One of the first munaqabah arrested after the ban went into affect)

Please keep your French sisters in your doa’at. Its truly unfair and far from anything resembling “liberty, fraternity, egaliterianism” and whatever else the French state thinks it propagates. Whats more anti-liberty than not allowing someone to wear what they want to wear?

I honestly didn’t know the ban was in effect until recently but apparently the first day was April 11th. I just don’t think it’ll last long because frankly…the more it is enforced, the more women will stick to their niqabs based on personal principle and conviction! Thats how it goes, how human psychology works…”if you dare to imped upon my personal beliefs, then dangit all to you, I’ll stick with them even more intensely.” You know like the siege mentality.

I think this whole ban really boils down to quite simply male chavinism and bigotry!    yup…Male Chauvinism at work…women = meat!  but…munaqabaat/mohajabaat = not meat hence…nothing to gawk at!

Well…we know who to stay away from now…huh…hey, props to President Obama…he has some eye hayah going on! mashallah.

…and bigotry because well…France is famous for its issues with diversity and its own cultural/ethnicity siege, yah…they should get with the times and realize that diversity only brings more flavor to the table and nothing is wrong with that!

Allahu alim, as it stands, I hope these munaqabaat stick to their beliefs and arent bullied by this extremely unfair and inhumane law.


5 thoughts on “France has offically banned the Niqab!

  1. I recommend “Politics of the Veil” by Joan Wallach Scott. She explains a lot about French culture and why men believe they have “right” to look. Depressing but informative.

    • U know I read that several years ago cuz of the hejab ban in schools…yah, but I couldnt believe it, quite frankly!

    • I seriously think President Obama is still a Muslim. Maybe just a “undercover Muslim”…like those kinds that know Islam is the right path, believe in it, but for whatever reason are prevented from following it…like I think he knows he couldnt get as far as he had politically if he was an overt Muslim. I just cant fathom why anyone who is Muslim would then turn around and follow such a incomprehensible, illogical ideology like Christianity. Like rilly…c’mon.

  2. Why are they handling the woman in the first picture like that?? I’m sure she’d go willingly rather than be manhandled that way. Oooh, makes me so mad how they treat women and then say they’re ‘liberating’ us.

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