Some lovely designer designs…

asalaamu alaikum wr wb…

Here are a selection of some very lovely mohajabah designs from some Iranian designers.

I think some are very innovative and unique…I especially love the half chador designs, variations of chador-e kamri and an interesting style called “Sasani”.

Some chador-e kamri variations…


I love how everything is colorful yet not overly bling and very flowy, modest and unique. En’shallah these types of designs will start to trickle down into mass fashion.


8 thoughts on “Some lovely designer designs…

  1. I especially like the loose, draped looked – but without overwhelming the woman with fabric. Any chance of getting any of these?

  2. Assalamualaikum Umm Ibrahim. Mashaallah they are lovely and modest. I think if you would sell these, many muslimah from around the globe shall get them. I like the last photo the best. It looks like a butterfly abaya.

    • Yes they are nice but they are also expensive designer pieces…so I dont think these designs will be available on the average market for atleast a few years. Heck it took several years-I remember-for even the chador-e melli design to trickle down to the masses…it came out in like 2006 or something, but I went in 2006 and no one even knew what they were then I went again in 2008 and no shops carried them-I asked, just now and then you’d see some women with 1 on and people thought they looked strange (a sleeve chador!?! what?) then I went this past summer and *some* shops carried them and I actually saw many women wearing them and other designs like the Lubnani style or the Kamri style…so it normally takes atleast 5 years for things to trickle down and become common/popular…so we’ll see.

      Even just the thought of a sleeved chador or an Arab style overhead being worn outside and being acceptable in normal society is a *new* thing…on the ‘Arab overhead side of things, when I went in 2005 I had wanted to bring my Kuwaiti batwing overhead but everyone said no…nobody wears them…then in 2006 I brought it because by then I had seen a few college girls with them on (more practical) and by 2008 they were even more acceptable.

      See what i mean?

  3. Wowzers; not keen on some of them, some of them look like they’ve been made with a McCalls costume pattern but I especially love the paisley/turquoise set in the pic fourth from bottom and also the ones in the bottom couple of pics; they remind me very much of 1920s/1930s evening wear designs.

  4. Wow, those are really gorgeous designs! They’re so beautiful, modest and feminine. I really love them. I think if I lived in a country or place with lots and lots of Muslims, I would totally wear some of these. And the kids, awww, sooo cute!

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