Colored batwing overheads

(Algerian Jelbab "papillion" style)

I dunno, what do you all think of colored batwing overheads? like I do like the colored Algerian style overhead Jelbabs from France as they have several perks…comfort, ease of wearing, one piece (or two) slip-on and go…simplicity! modesty! and easy to wear when ur busy and or have a kidlet(s) with you. And I also like that they come in colors.

Don’t get me wrong…I love black…its uber modest, uber covering…but…sometimes I do feel like all black 24/7 can get dull. Which explains why mid-year in Saudi I became *obsessed* with purple abayaat…LOL and even ventured out now and then in “colors”. hehehehe

So anyway, but I do like that the Algerian style jelbabs offer a bit of a change. Y’know.

But, I admit it, I *prefer* batwings for the simple reason that they are the *most* modest and look incredibly elegant when worn right. There is just something about the volumnous fabric that makes you feel so safe, so snug and sort of regal. I prefer them, but sometimes I do dislike *all*the*black*…I do normally wear them over a colored shaylah or maghneh…but still…

I found these via Ebay from Islamic Collections and I have a grey one coming to me to try out. A friend of mine has one and loves it and they are made similarly to the extremely comfortable Bahraini or Lebanese overheads with the wide, wide head area and they are straight cut down the front, so I plan to pop some elastic in it when it comes and wear it around see how I like it.

Also, Islamic Boutique carries colored overheads as well. In Egypt they are called “Malhafa”.

Whats all of your thoughts on these colored confections?


7 thoughts on “Colored batwing overheads

  1. I personally am not a big fan of batwing/bisht styles; I think they have too much fabric and are kind of impractical. I do have one black overhead bisht jilbab, but because it’s dressy/not practical for everyday wear I only wear it on special occasions (I think I last wore it on Laylat al-Qadr). If I were to wear an overhead jilbab, I would definitely go for the chador-e-melli style. I do own one of these (and I really like it), but it is in black (which I’m not too fond of). I think overhead jilbabs/chadors look awesome in colors besides black; Masha’Allah that purple one looks fabulous!

  2. i just bought similar style abayat that you have at the top: purple and light brown and i love them. even i am also black abaya fan and lover i do think the colored overheads give some change and colour, and they are nice for summer day. so easy to use when you can just put maxi dress under and still feel totally covered and modest but cool (not hot). 🙂

  3. I like the grey and the purple. I have never minded wearing black if I can have different colored scarves, but at the same time it is nice to have a change.

  4. Salam i always wear coloure special navy blue , i finde it better as black what is the all time trent but i feel personaly like a Sister of the Church because they wear same black dress (black looks sadand hard for me) but hey why not if you like it go for it .

  5. Salaam,
    I wear both overhead and shoulder overgarments, solid color, often black or dark colors, usually with a patterned scarf. The last time I went in, my doc, whom I see regularly, timidly asked me if I was “allowed” to wear brighter colors, or if I could only wear colors/patterns on my head! I never considered that people would interpret my preference for dark colors in that way. I laughed and explained – and will be wearing my pink (!) abaya when I see her next : )

  6. PLEAAAAAAAAAAAASE could you tell me how to attach elastic to the head opening on khimars and these style jilbabs? I have one and can not wear it as it slips off my head even with pins!!!

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