I have mixed reactions to these designs…

**please note, this whole post and everything about it had me majorly confused…so yes, confusion reigns supreme in my thoughts. LOL. **

Frankly I admit to having a hard time understanding exactly what the purpose or point of these “hejabs” are. I stumbled upon this line on 3abaya.com, it’s called Noor D’izar and is based out of I believe Belgium.

So first let me show you a few of their designs and then a few promotional pictures from their website and then my final thoughts.

While I will say that *some* of the designs are indeed “cute” and perhaps-interesting, I dont really see how they are very different or unique from most other “hejabs” out there or how they exactly can be considered “hejab” in the fullest sense of the word. I could see some of them being cute as “accent” pieces over a proper hejab and attire, but alone…atleast for a muhajabah would not constitute hejab, and some really are nothing more than a very expensive al-ameerah tube scarf.

So, together with that and the price…and well…um… *scratches head*

Okay so then, a few pictures from their website. Okay again, I am indeed scratching my head in bewilderment because…okay…if they are hoping that muhajabaat will be their target audience for their pieces then in theory their promotional pictures should…ahem…sort of…be in line with the fundamentals of hejab. Like you dont see the Shukr models in such poses and half naked, do you? Now, if their target audience is non-Muslims and non-covering women…then OK. Like, whatever…

Soi after going to the Who We Are page I am really left scratching my head in bewilderment even more because I wonder whether this is not a case of a Hejab wearing Muslimah feeling the need to…I dunno, “ahem” up her website and line so non-Muslims wont feel “threatened” and will buy from her line? Because really…its not just the prices which bother me…its also these promotional pictures, like I prefer to not buy from Muslim establishments which are so blatantly not in line with Islamic principles… Also are most non-Muslims going to be buying fancy Ameerah style tube scarves?

-and just to add, just cuz someone has on skin-tight long pants and a scarf does not mean they are in hejab. hejab is more than a scarf on your head…so its giving a poor impression not just to Muslims but also to non-Muslims, like that we think so cheaply of our beliefs that we will water it down to non-Muslim tastes. What about our ‘Rabb?

Hey…maybe I’m just a fundie. whatever…

So like, then there is this video which leads me to be even more confused…okay so…random girl sitting some where…puts on a hejab…so…? now what? So are they showing that its a useful “insta hejab” for say…when?To pop on whenever you feel like it, change your mood? Change your “look”…be “trendy”? LOL…??? And is that worth 70$

http://youtu.be/6MA2KZNykkI …hmm, I guess they never saw an Al-Ameera tube scarf before. LOL


Again, all of this just leads me to be very confused.

I want to give the designers a bit of a suggestion…find your target audience and stick to it and cater to it. OK…if your audience is non-Muslims then take the over-price ameerahs down and keep up the accent scarves or vise versa…and make sure your models are in proper muhajabah attire.


6 thoughts on “I have mixed reactions to these designs…

  1. Assalaam waliekum.
    I’m still laughing at some of the pics like the “jady” hijab. Some Muslim designers put the Islamic dress code to shame with stuff like this. My example being the “alligator-stiletto strut hijabi”

  2. Ouch! I think that there are always people who want to jump on a fashion bandwagon, and who seem a little unaware of some of the principles of hijab. That said, I think the first one would look cute over another scarf.

    • Farzana…I do agree, the 1st one would be cute layered over a simple scarf for a special occasion like eid or something like that. But really…it looks kinda like a knitted winter hat/scarf combo to me. heheheh

  3. I really *want* to like that first one, it’s good all the things to like: pretty colored lace, pretty scarf, but they are just put together wrong.

  4. That video is rather random! I think I should buy some al-ameera scarves, stick ’em in posh boxes and sell them for $70 😛

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