This is why I *always* wear pants…

Yes…even in summer…

(Saudi female tourists)


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  1. yeah i always wear trousers or leggings under my abaya and even under skirts when wearing around the house.

  2. oh my, i would be sooooo embarrassed if i was wearing a skirt/abaya and realized my legs were showing like this when i sat down!!! i will definitely look for leggings for this summer!

    any tips on where to get good ones that don’t squeeze tightly around the waist? :p i can’t stand wearing tights because they are, well, so tight on my waist! lol anytime i’ve tried on leggings before they seem to be like that too.

    • hmm…I dunno…most of mine I got in Saudi…they have nice lightweight, summer weight ones…i havent found anything so nice here but linen pants are good too.

  3. I always wear leggings under my skirts as well, but tend to wear jeans under my abayas because full skirts under abayas feel like too much fabric to me and look too “puffy”.
    Some women wear old-fashioned “pantalettes” or bloomers underneath which are looser and probably cooler than leggings, but harder to find. Maybe loose, cropped cotton pajama pants mike work!
    I had a really embarrassing moment in Walmart once- I was out shopping with my mother and wearing a long,loose, elasticated waist “gypsy” skirt. Well, my mother accidentally rolled the shopping cart wheels over the hem of my skirt, and keep rolling- and the whole of my skirt was pulled down with it! Imagine my horror- skirt round my knees, underwear showing and a hijab on my head! I guess if I’d had leggings on underneath it would have been better, but even leggings can’t save you from an accident like that! hehe

    • Oh dear, that is embarrassing!!! lol I agree that leggings underneath would have been better, though still embarrassing!

    • Assalaam waliekum.
      That’s cool.
      You can sew or ask a sister who sews to make you a couple. They are not hard to make when you can find a good pattern and always use cotton, broadcloth or linen. Then you have to consider whether you want “with crotch” or “without crotch” because some pattern are based off of Western historical clothing.

  4. sorry but you shouln’t show this picture to the world, soubhanallah, this sister doesn not know what happens to her, she doesn’t want people to know her legs and you show us her legs. Please take the picture off, or erase her legs and just advise sisters for what can happen when siiting.
    Do you think this siste would be ok to be on the web like that?

    • sister this isnt my picture and I didnt take it, its actually up on both Flickr and a few other online websites. I am not going to remove it as it makes a point. Plus no one can identify here and shes looking away from the camera. I suggest you contact the person who TOOK this picture and say this. OK.

      and yes I think it does make a very valid point-why its good to wear long pants, even thin leggings which are dark colored under your skirts and overgarments…this way you can sit comfortably without showing your legs.

      • I would agree if I knew that onlu women would see that picture. Even if that picture is already on the web, we don’y have to show that, We can see her eyes too.
        Poor sister, imagine if she recognize herself when seeing that pict!
        I suggest you ask a Man of knowledge like cheik Fawzan and ask him if it’s ok..
        May Allah forgive us.

      • asalaamu alaikum wr wb. Sister, jazakhallakhair for your concern but I am keeping the picture up as it serves a point. If you truely have an issue with *my* blog then please, refrain from reading it. OK. Also, I would appreciate it if you would please stop giving me suggestions to follow such and such Salafi scholar or such and such Salafi ruling. Sister I do not follow the Salafi school of thought, I follow another school of thought. This blog is non-sectarian and no one school of thought is promoted. Only Islam is promoted. Each sister needs to understand rulings from their own schools of jurisprudence as I am not a scholar and within Islam there are 4 Sunni school, 1 Shia school and Salafism, so it is not my place to promote one over the other.

  5. sorry, she doesn’t want people to *see* her legs.
    I only saw her legs after reading the title of your post. At first I was looking how beautiful she was, and how I liked the way she dressed.

    • Yes thats the purpose…to make a point about wearing pants or leggings under ur garments

  6. Yes , if i get into my car it would show the leggs , and it keeps me more cold in summer when i wear my leggins under the abaja, i would feel naked without my leggin 🙂 nice to see that i’m not the only one here who wears something long under 🙂

  7. salam sis – it’s a very good point and reminder you’re making – jazak Allah kheir for mentioning this to us – – but please for the sake of Allah do at least cover her exposed leg… If that were me I’d be mortified to know this pic was getting posted or re-posted on the web…

  8. Salam sis. Normally I will substitute the pants with petticoats. I wonder whether the sister is aware her legs are exposed. Surely she must have felt a sudden whiff of wind touching her skin.

  9. Assalaamu alaikum,
    This is precisely why I wear pants underneath my abayas regardless of how hot it is. I have found a sister that sells pant slips that she makes herself mashallah. Also if you got to there are several listings for websites that sell petticoats as well. I find at least the slip type pant cooler in the summer than jeans and less bulky.

    • ooh those slips on the first website are a good price too! i’ll have to think about ordering a pant slip to try out.

      • Salaam,
        The pants slips from Love Unspoken are GREAT. She tends to make them a bit loose so the waist is not at all binding. If you get lace at the hem they hang better, too, as the fabric used is very lightweight; if you don’t want lace showing maybe the sister would have other ideas for how to add a bit of extra weight/stiffness to the bottom hem.

  10. when i first started to wear Hijab. My wardrobe was still my non hijabi clothes… student no money.
    I was able to invest in two skirts… and 3-4 headscarfs. But i didnt have anyone to tell me about Leggings, or trouers under skirts.
    The only leggings i had were my old school cropped ons that finish at the knee.
    As you can imagine what happened…. went out in my lovely long skirt and some boots.
    really windy and along the coastline the wind was awfully strong. Up went my skirt to my thighs and stuck to my thighs and wouldnt go down and on display was my legs totally exposed… even though i had the short leggings on they were tight fitting and so everything was shown… i was soooo embarssed actually went home felt so guilty and cried my eyes out.

    I made sure i invested in wide leg trousers and thicker skirts!
    Moral of the story everyone learns their own way what is proper hijab. Some have to have experinces like mine to understand.

    p.s sis. I know you do not know the sister, but maybe as muslims we should conceal the faults of our sisters… and i know you can not see her face and identify her. Perhaps you should blur out her legs or something to maintain her modesty. I know her pic on the net but we should be kind to her and try protect her.

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