Qajar style designs from Tabriz Dar Meh

There is a historical serial on Iranian TV called Tabriz in a fog (Tabriz dar meh) which is based on political happenings during the Qajar dynasty in Tabriz.

I absolutely *love* the reproductions of their historical – Qajar dynasty era – costumes. Really beautiful details and materials, mashallah.

Some of the clips show the actresses in their in-door attire and some in their outdoor attire which is a rectangular shaped chador tucked in at the waist with a ruband (often shown thrown up).

I dunno about you…but makes me wanna put on a paisley scarf and my Qajari style chador. y’know.


4 thoughts on “Qajar style designs from Tabriz Dar Meh

  1. Ahhhh! I used to watch this on satellite a few years ago, and I thought it was visually very interesting. What outfits! I couldn’t follow the Farsi dialog very well though- but I seem to remember that older woman (pictured above) who lorded it over the younger ones and told them off alot, but I never really worked out why. But i enjoyed it nontheless!

  2. I love all the clothing, but for some reason those face veils are really beautiful. It’s got the beautiful screen and embroidery of an afghan-style burqa, but the flip-over convenience and ease of a modern (i guess) tie niqab. Very cool!

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