Lovely summer & wedding “jelbab” designs…

While I like to wear a variety of different over-garment styles, the Jelbab style (Algerian overhead overgarment) is one which I really adore as its so easy and breezy, literally pop on and go with no fuss or hassle with insta-style and elegance.

Anyway, the upcoming summer season signals a change of jelbab designs in the French market and I am really, really liking these new summery styles from Al-Moultazimoun. Al-Moultazimoun has some of the freshest and uniquest jelbab styles Ive seen and many have interesting little touches like contrasting piping, jersey cuffs, flounces or straight sleeves.

Here are some which I think are quite nice;

Jelbab al-Khaleeji-AlMoultazimoun

This design is “Khaleeji overhead” style but with a jelbab shape/cut. It features a zipper up the front. Pretty innovative and definetly a new look. I sooo want one!

(Jelbab Marwa -AlMoultazimoun)

Jelbab Marwa actually is composed of a long *sleeveless* summer abaya with a very angular cut demi-jelbab with straight cuffs and nice contrasting piping down the top seam. I like how the demi-jelbab piece is cut straight, it gives it a fresher look and doesnt have the bulky look that the curved edge ones have.

(Jelbab Marwa-AlMoultazimoun)

They also have some *very* unique jelbabs for a bride. Actually…I do love these, they are perhaps a bit gaudy, but still, I like their unique design and well, they are definetly something quite unique. A bride could definetly wear one knowing shes wearing a very stylish design which pretty much no one else will have!

(Bridal jelbab-purple- AlMoultazimoun)

(Bridal jelbab-turquoise- AlMoultazimoun)

And don’t even get me started on all of their *other* incredibly interesting and very unique designs.

Anyway. Another source for these lovely summery jelbabs is Bismillah Boutique. They carry the standard El Bassira brand…sturdy, basic…dependable. Like a good quality, black abaya. Every sisters best friend. Sorta thing.

El Bassira has their summer fabrics lines out. There are the pretty standard fare of the plain one piece jelbab, two piece jelbab and butterfly two-piece jelbab.

(El-Bassira two-piece, butterfly style jelbab in plum microfiber)

The best fabrics for the summer heat is either “microfiber tres leger”, “Crepe legere” or the “nouveau caviary”. All are very light and airy. I personally recommend the Caviary as its an incredibly high quality, buttery soft, airy crepe material. I suggest that for now staying away from the regular microfiber material as its medium weight and while perfect for fall, winter and spring…for the intense heat of summer, it may be a bit toasty.

May I mention that ordering from a French site, if you dont know French shouldent put you off as its easy to translate (roughly) the descriptions when using Google Translate (Google it!) and Al-Moultazimoun has customer service reps that speak English. Bismillah Boutique is a French only site, but again, its very easy to order when using the translator side-by-side and the woman who runs it is very helpful (again, use Translator!)



7 thoughts on “Lovely summer & wedding “jelbab” designs…

  1. I must admit, I don’t really like the bridal styles. I personally hate the way satin/shiny fabric jilbabs look, and these just look really garish, over the top, and not elegant enough for a wedding.

    I definitely like the straight-cut jilbabs better, they make you look less like you’re drowning in fabric and I think they drape nicer.

  2. Love the turquoise jelbab except for the shiny material.

    It really suit a bride who wear overhead jilbab for that special occasion simple and yet special.

  3. Hmm, maybe it’s for cultural reasons that some of us find the bridal jilbabs pictured here “gaudy” and “garish”. I assume the website that sells them caters to a mostly North African/Algerian taste. I have an Algerian Kabylie style dress that is made from a shiny satin brocade fabric and decorated with very colourful ricrac- maybe not to everyone’s taste, but for some Algerians it’s normal and everyday and speaks of cultural affinities.
    I wore a Maroccan style Takshita of shiny peachy-pink fabric with a brocade over dress for my nikah, topped with a white hijab. It was dressy, very special, Islamically appropriate for the masjid and culturally on cue- so I was a very happy bride, mashallah! Maybe the jilbabs pictured aren’t to everyone’s tatse, but at least they are sharia compliant- unlike alot of things that Muslims brides wear these days!

    • salaamu alaikum

      yah I agree…each culture has their “own taste”{…I always use the…if you bust out with a bright, floral Baju Kurung from Malaysia in a typical Saudi mall you’ll def. get some interesting comments…so yah…culturally appropriate attire/designs from what Ive read can be taken into consideration from an Islamic standpoint. Personally…I *love* the purple one…dh wouldnt like the satin…butttttttttt everything else would be cool.

  4. I’m a dressmaker and I love the satin jilbabs buuuuuuuuuuuuttt the quality of the satin material doesn’t look all that great and the stitching on them doesn’t look fantastic either (if you’re stitching a cheap fabric; it isn’t going to fall well even with the most fantastic dressmaker), I think a decent quality crepe back satin would have been a far better fabric choice….

    Also with the one with the zipper up the front; been there, done that with an Egyptian Isdal and I never want my chin underside scratched in that manner again, it just isn’t comfortable….

  5. as salaam alaikum, ive just ordered a couple of 2 piece jilbabs after reading this post, i would never of found these if you hadn’t of written about them, jazakallah kahir for sharing . i cant wait to try them on, i ordered a brown one and a chocolate one, insha allah they will fit well.

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