Finally an Al-Ameera khimaar I can actually wear!

Anytime I see a standard Al-Ameera khimaar scarf three thoughts/musings pop in my brain, 1) being 18 and trying to buy my first real hejab (and not one that someone gifted me) and going into a Middle Eastern store and just seeing those black or white Syrian made (at the time) Al-Ameera scarves with the lace on the edgings. 2) How some women’s heads look like eggs in Al-Ameera scarves (yes, I said it, bad me!!!) and 3) Those *would* be comfortable but eegads…I can’t cover my chin in one and I -always-cover my chin as in my madhab the chin is not a part of your face and hence awrah (actually this is the case in 2 Sunni madhabs and the Shia Jafari madhab), so to go out without something coverng my chin, creeps me out. LOL

BUT…then I went on Omrah while in Saudi and I kept seeing these Syrian pilgrims in what looked like a cross between a jersey Ameera khimaar and the old-school Iranian maghnehs with the chin covers/forhead covers-like the style you almost never see even in Iran anymore and I thought to myself…wow…I sooo want one of those!! Talk about comfort!

I looked in vain for awhile but have started to slowly see this style pop up here and there on a few online USA-based Islamic clothing stores. Only downer-to me-is that they are usually shown with the chin-cover pushed up as a type of Niqab.  I dunno about you, but to me, wearing the chin cover up as a niqab looks a wee tad strange and I’d think would be suffocating-but to each her own. Maybe they were originally developed in Syria to be worn either-or, I dunno. But, anyway.

Al-Hannah has them…both shorter and longer styles. These ones are I believe made in Pakistan and on the site are called Iranian full coverage hijabs.

(Picture taken from

Al-Mujalbaba has them and they has them and they are called 3-way lycra khimaars.

(Picture taken from Al-Mujalbaba)

…and alhamdullah a sister who vends at the masjid I usually go to with my family has them in stock too and they are the 100% authentic ones from Syria and all and come in a longer length-like to the elbows. Ofcourse I got a few from her as they looked and actually do feel soooo comfortable!

So now I have a colored one and then a white one which will be good for clinicals during Nursing School.  These ones -true to form – do have elastic for behind the head so they dont slide around, I dunno about the other ones mentioned above.  I hope to someday see these in patterns too. hehehehe

What do you think of this al-ameera hejab style?


15 thoughts on “Finally an Al-Ameera khimaar I can actually wear!

  1. Salam alaikum! I have the one from Al-Hannah in light blue,but I don’t wear it out because instead of marking the pattern with chalk or something similar, they did it in red permanent marker. I had assumed it would come out in the wash, but no such luck. 😦 Oh well. Honestly, I don’t get al-Hannah. Some of the things there are amazing, but others are horrid! I don’t think they have any quality control there.

    • Ugh, yeah I know…Al-Hannah ISSSSSSSSS very very very iffy. Ive ordered from them many-many times and 50% of the time its worth it, 50% not. Like the winter before going to Saudi I ordered like 2 Jordanian jilbabs from them and both were surprisingly good quality, 1 I resold cuz it was too heavy for my taste but another in cordoroy I still have and wear, its a wonderful jilbab…but ive also gotten other stuff from them and it was cheapo trash. Yah, they are very very iffy. I think they think if its cheap…who will care…also ive noticed a lot of the trashy stuff from abroad usually ends up on our shores…one def. perk to Saudi was access to the NICE stuff for a change!!!

  2. LOL at the first point you made about al-Amira khimars. They were the first style that I bought as an eighteen year-old new hijabi (and, still, the only type of hijab I wear, as evidenced in my profile picture), and usually the only ones you can find are the black and white ones with the lace that go right above your chest. The ones I like, the lower-arm length two-piece ones in colors other than black and white, are surprisingly very hard to find. My friends tease me because they say that the only people that wear these types of hijabs are converts and elementary students in Islamic schools (they’re right on both accounts…); I just can’t give them up because they’re so easy, comfortable, and cover everything I want covered.

    I like the idea of these khimars because they remind me of maghnehs and they cover the chest (a necessity in my book), but I dislike one-piece al-Amiras because the hood part tends to pucker up at the forehead, which doesn’t happen with the two-piece ones. Also I kind of hate the piece that is supposed to be a niqab; it looks incredibly uncomfortable, impractical, and hard to breathe in.

    • Yah I know what u mean BUT…the ones I have which are the real deal from Syria are extremely high quality, like the fabric is a very lux jersey and the fit and shape around the head is very good, no puckering…I tried it on before buying to be sure. I think though the prob is most of them are the cheapo knock-offs…

  3. P.S. It is possible, although maybe not as comfortable as you would like, to cover your lower chin with the two-piece al-Amira khimars.

  4. Although slightly OT, I’m curious which madhabs support the idea of your chin being part of your arwah. I’m fairly new to following the Hanafi madhab so I’m still learing a lot about the various rulings.

    I do however feel more comfortable with my chin covered for no particular reason…at least not one that I can specifically pinpoint. I just feel more at ease so I try to wrap all my hijabs in a way that covers my chin as well though I’m not always successful, lol. I’m not really a fan of the al Ameera hijabs though because I do think a lot of them make my head look weird lol. However I do have one long triangle shaped khimar I ordered from Egypt that doesn’t seem to have that effect. Perphaps it’s about the fabric?

    Oh and about AlHannah they are truly hit or miss. I’ve been eyeing a few things on there but to be honest I’m scared to bother. Ugh I just wish they were more consistant.

    • Umm Ashraf…From what I have read and been told…its in Shaifi and Maliki madhab where the chin is considered awrah too. I cant pinpoint any specific ruling-ive looked around for one, but Ive spoken to educated (religiously) muslimaat who follow those madhabs and they say their scholars consider chin part of the awrat. Unfortunately except for Salafism, its very very hard to find real rulings in fiqth books from Maliki, Shaifi and even Hanafi to a degree in English. Most are in Arabic or Malay or other languages. In Jafari Shia’ism its the same way, the face is just the oval of the face…not the chin.

  5. Actually for the most part I wear really big shaylas or dupattas because I really can’t find an al ameera that’s comfortable enough and with material that is flowing so I don’t feel constricted. What would be really cool is if I could find a hood type underscarf that covers my chin. Sorry baby just woke up but I hope that makes sense??

    • Yah I agree…but the 2 I have are pretty flowly and fit nicely and are quite comfy…but I cant vouch for other ones, Ive tried the regular Ameeras and feel suffocated in them. I like the look of the real Indonesian ones cuz they are long and quite flowly but…ugh, no chin coverage and its not comfortable always pulling them up.

  6. Ayatollah Sistani ruled that a woman does not have to cover her chin, and some others, as well – it is not unanimous in Shia Ja’fari madhab, fyi.
    But, I always was able to cover my chin just fine with a regular alameera – just pull it forward on my chin. Also, I found sometimes wearing just the outer part was more modest than wearing the underscarf, too, which becomes more form-fitting – you pull it forward and it fits more like a square scarf around the face – but need to watch length as it makes it a few inches shorter. I have one of the ones from alhannah, have had it for a few years. I love alameera scarves for ease and comfort. Teaching all day, pins can become uncomfortable. Rectangular scarves NEVER stayed in place for me – total disaster and high maintenance – not worth it at all. Amiras are great for hiking, being active, active jobs, etc. I don’t care too much what anyone thinks about how they look or anything – I just want sufficient hijab and comfort.

  7. Very nice! would be great for winter (which is about the only time I wear al-amira styles, except for this yellow crochet one I have which I seem to wear all the time)

    I see a lot of posts about magneh, and I’ve seen a few odd places about how to wear one, but I would really love to know how to MAKE one.

  8. I bought 2 from Al mujalababa…
    Lovely for most of the year. But its very thick lycra jersey… great for coverage and opaque. But super hot in the summer.
    It has elastic to wear over the head and keeps it in place.
    I cover my chin too not for any madthab but because its a comfort thing. I have a round face a chubby chin. lol
    So i wrap all my shaylas this way to, so they cover my chin. i have amiras without the chin bt and i hate it… i have found a way to fold at the front to give lower chin coverage! 😀

    i bought the two from al-mujalababa for ummrah this summer but going to be waaaay to hot for them and i will just melt. No air circulates at all. So i may take one and see how i cope with it…. otherwise will have to wear my new ones from france.. if they arrive in time and my normal lightweight shaylas and pashminas

  9. I fold my Al Amira’s too, actually just kind of fold them like you would fold any square scarf before you pinned it. Kind of helps with the under-chin seam chafing too. Helps with the round face syndrome :p

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