Beautiful attire for ones communication with the divine

There is something about a beautiful and comfortable prayer garment which helps to sooth and set your mind at ease while giving you focus towards your daily communication with the divine-salaat…namaz…prayer.

Ive always found the SouthEast Asian prayer garments to be the epitomie of beautiful prayer garments as most are made of a delicate white material with the most intricate lace and embroidery, they are always so long and flowy, enveloping the wearer and adding a touch of grace to ones movements.

(Muslim women praying in Malaysia)

In Malaysia and Singapore they are called Telekung while in Indonesia they are Mukena. They are basically a 2 piece prayer garment, a long khimaar and a long skirt, almost the same as what is popular in Jordan or Syria…but the similarities end there because honestly, ive always found the Syrian or Jordanian prayer garments to be very plain and basic-nothing wrong with that, per se…but  the Telekung/Mukena are just extraordinarily beautiful.

Unfortunately its difficult to get them outside of the region, I know only a handful of places online which sell them and are either in the US or ship abroad.

Here are a few beautiful ones from Malaysia.

Siti Khadijah which is a strore in Malaysia has some *beautiful* and very high quality telekung along with other beautiful items and they ship abroad, although the site is in Bahasa Melayu, its possible to order.

There are also some beautiful ones out of Indonesia. It seems to me (just from general looking around) that Malaysians seem to favor the more traditional telekung designs of light colors and embroidery or lace work while the Indonesian Mukena designs look more colorful and “fun”.  I also love their use of jersey material in some of their Mukena…


So now, who carries these? well…unless your going to Malaysia, Singapore or Indonesia they are quite difficult to get here in a western country. Al-Ikhlas which is a US based store carries fairly simple ones. There are stores in Malaysia and Indonesia which ship abroad such as that Siti Khadijah shop and there are several ebay stores in Malaysia and Singapore which carry the Malaysian style scarves and accessories such as Tudungku and ShafiqahMusa and who ship abroad and although they dont have telekung/mukena listed as items they carry, most likely inquiring about getting one via them would be fruitful.




11 thoughts on “Beautiful attire for ones communication with the divine

  1. Asalaamu Alaikum

    I have some like this. (My husband is Malaysian). Maybe I should start selling these eh? I have to get new ones…mine are ancient! Mine are white with white embroidery, silver or gold. I don’t have the fancier ones you are showing but gonna try to get some insha Allah.

    • Yeah start selling them…seriously! Esp the ones with the beautiful intricate lace and embroidery, chin cover and elastic…en’shallah!!!

    • hi , i did search tem for years online and dident find the nice long ones, i would buy too if you sale the really special ones with embroidery and long .

  2. Walaikum assalaam,

    I did have one of the more plain ones from Al Ikhlas but of course my luggage got lost on a trip home from Egypt one year and so I lost mine. I would love to have one of the more beautiful ones inshallah. I have a friend who moved back to Malaysia, I wonder if it would be worth it to have her send me one?? Hmmm. I really love the elastic band to keep the khimar on especially for fajr when I’m half asleep and too tired to run around looking for pins. I now have a single piece prayer garment from Egypt. It’s made well but plain and it’s very long. I’ve never bothered to hem it since I only pray in it at home. I definitely like the 2 piece ones better and wish mine hadn’t gotten lost 😦

  3. wow…yes, I wish these were easier to find online in the US-esp the very beautiful ones…mashallah…I agree w/ u sis Umm Ashraf…i have a set of the telekung which a Malay sister gave me when she returned to Malaysia actually just a few months ago, its the very intricate kind and the material is opaque yet soft like butter…I love how they have the elastic for behind the head and are made very long and wide so everything is covered even in sujood annnnddd the chin cover (kain)…which makes sense since Malays and Indonesians are generally Shaifi’i and chin is part of the awrah in that madhab.

    Yeah…drools! mashallah

  4. hi , i did search them for years online and dident find the nice long ones, i would buy too if you sale the really special ones with embroidery and long .

  5. Asalaamu Alaikum

    Insha Allah I will do it. I showed dh the pics and he said he will try to get some insha Allah. Did you know that Malaysia actually imports Indonesian Islamic fashion? Indonesia is like the Paris of the Islamic fashion world.

    • Yeah, I knew that Indonesian styles are popular in SE Asia. I dunno about worldwide though as like in Saudi and the Gulf, most look to UAE for fashion designs and just like how you find a lot of Indonesian imported tudungs or telekung in Malaysia, in Saudi or Kuwait or whereever there is a lot of stuff imported from UAE. Also from Egypt…so it just depends…or like in Iran, you always find stuff from Turkey. Its a regional thing.

      but yes, pls do try to get the nice, nice telekung…not the generic bland kind.
      woohooo!! en;shallah

  6. Salam Sisters, sorry to interrupt your warm discussions 🙂
    We have some selections of pretty and fashionable telekungs in our online shop if you are interested. We can arrange shipping overseas insha Allah, group order is recommended. At the moment some stocks are empty due to high season (Eid). Restocking will be resumed after Eid insha Allah. Thank you 🙂

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