Notice anything odd?

asalaamu alaikum wr wb…

I have an absolutely horrible cold which came on the tailend of an absolutely horrible bout of influenza…ahh,..bliss.  I dont have much to say…just, I was parsuing through some Malaysian muhajabaat magazines and their attached facebook pages and noticed this…

Notice anything a wee bit “off”…

Yes, I know they have on a uniform…but like its called an undershirt…y’know…like I’m not going to go to my clinical rotations in a scrub dress sans undershirt…thankyouverymuch…

Yes, Malaysian muhajabaat in…short sleeves…!!!???

Definetly hejabi no-no…whats the purpose of hejab if your figure is exposed and your arms are hanging out?  I really like some of the styles which Malaysian sisters wear such as the long tudungs (like khimaars)and most of the ones I’ve been friends with, who were here for school have been some of the most modest and religious Muslimaat I’ve ever been blessed to know-they are/were truely inspirational…yet, what i’m seeing online is a lot of the above – which is in pretty stark contrast to the Malaysians I had befriended.

Can anyone who is in the know tell me why the short sleeves + hejab = OK thing…cuz to me it screams all kinds of wrong. ?!?



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  1. Assalaam waliekum.
    Short sleeves + hijab = Ok because it’s hot or you are working and those pesky sleeves get in the way. Or we are modern women.
    Personally short sleeves + hijab = defeating the purpose of hijab.

  2. I think they just don’t see it as immodest. It is clear that people’s internal modesty meters are not all equally sensitive for many reasons. Of course, arms are supposed to be covered in hijab and maybe some of them don’t know or some just think what they have is good enough, etc. But I don’t know, personally I’m kinda over evaluating hijab of others. I know some people wear it wrong or don’t wear it and I don’t want to think or feel about it anymore, just rather deal with people one on one as people and leave it at that and let Allah swt sort us out.

  3. In hospitals in the UK you have to be bare below the elbow to be allowed any contact with patients. I always roll up my sleeves when we go on hospital assignments, I don’t think it’s a big deal as long as you push them back down when you leave. Salam 🙂

  4. I’m not talking about from the medical perspective; but over here most Malaysian and Indonesian sisters wear short or 3/4 length sleeves with hijab. A lot of the baju kurung are traditionally made with 3/4 length sleeves as well.

  5. Asalaamu Alaikum

    This is quite common. I saw lots of Malaysian students doing this 20 yrs ago and when I lived in Malaysia it was common too. I don’t know why they do it but it seems to be that the hijab is more of a cultural thing than a religious thing. Like they are saying I’m a Malay as opposed to being Chinese or Indian the two other main ethnicities in Malaysia. Dh was complaining to me about this style when I first met him and told me the Malaysian girls were wearing hijab as if it was a style.

  6. I was there in 2009 and it was super duper common in Malaysia to see ladies wearing a regular length t-shirt (cuts off at the waist) and hejab…no idea why….

  7. Assalamualaykum, I’m a Malay, whatever the reasons I don’t think it’s ok to wear short sleeves for full hijabi garment. I do acknowledge Aishah’s comment regarding Malaysian hijab more of a style than a religious matter. But some Malaysian hijabi do wear modestly according to Islamic rules. Unfortunately, they are outnumbered by those that wear hijab for style & fashion. So, sad…..

  8. In the Uk not permitted for healthcare workers to have sleeves. They have to be BARE BELOW THE ELBOW. That included me… in my tunic skirt and bare below the elbow. i gave up my job becuase of it. As yes i was being a hypocrite and felt awful. Left it for the sake of Allah. But i love my job.

    How are you allowed to get away with long sleeves and proper clothing???? please share

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