H&M has the *best* scarves!

asalaamu alaikum wr wb

I think that H&M has some of the *best* scarves around for a covering Muslimah! I’m not a *huge* fan of their clothing lines (except for the occasional long swishy skirt and pardesu-style trenchcoat or tank tops for under ones overgarment) but I do adore -and I say this with all my heart – I adore their scarves and accessories collections!

They are one of the few places here in the US where its easy to get amply sized hejab-style scarves easily and at a pretty good price!

H&M scarves

I almost never bother to order scarves online anymore…generally I just go to one of the two H&M shops which are close to where I live. Two of my most favorite printed shaylahs which I wear quite frequently are from there and both are very wide and long, so much so that when I wrap in my normal fashion, my chest if easily covered. I’ve gotten some *massive* table-cloth sized squares from them recently and just today I went in one to peruse around and got a beautiful, polyester Turkish style printed scarf in a nice, ample size of 60inches! The price…you can’t beat and its a modern Turkish print so kind of chic.

Yeah…H&M…it’s almost like a hijabi store…hehehhee.

(yes there is H&M in Saudi, and while I sometimes shopped there, I remember being a bit disappointed by their scarf selections…the scarves they carriered were not as nice as the ones I see at the H&M’s here and the prices were a little bit more-like 75SR for a scarf which here would be $12.)


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  1. Yea h&m does have the best scarves and I bought several and always get complimented when I wear them. Now you just make me wanna go now and buy one, maybe two.

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