A very wrappy-flouncy-hejab style (and a simple one too..)

asalaamu alaikum

I am just wasting a bit of time while I’m studying…I found these 2 hejab style tutorials on an Irani blog.

The first one is simple, everyday-basically what I do with a square scarf and the 2nd is a very flouncy, wrappy, trendy style one. I dont think I’d ever do number 2…I prefer comfort and feel this style is more suitable to a teenager or something.



and the wrappy swishy one…




3 thoughts on “A very wrappy-flouncy-hejab style (and a simple one too..)

  1. Number 2 is cute, but I don’t think I would ever have that much time! I sometimes do something similar with one scarf, because long scarves are cheap and easy to get in Korea.

  2. referring to your update via E-mail: May Allah increase you in what is good and beneficial and keep you save from being harmed or envied. ameen. *smiles*

  3. I love the first! I do that style a lot with regular square scarves but never thought to do it with the more glitzier ones, they always sit in my cupboard un-used! Thank you 😀

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