You know your “old school”…

….when you remember…


When “tie-back” hejabs were what everyone wore… (cuz they were pretty much the only style of scarf, other than gaudy, heavy squares which were widely available!)

CaravanXpress had *THE* coolest Islamic clothing available to the western Muslim market!

…and they sent out a catalog on VHS at first and later, a color catalog….

Ofcourse  watching the VHS or flipping through the color catalog was the highlight of any sisters sleepover!

…and ofcourse pleats were in!

—–Yup, those were the days, before hejab became trendy and cool…


14 thoughts on “You know your “old school”…

  1. Assalaam waliekum. I wear tie-back “khimars” and i never had to worry about my hair being exposed or having a “pastie” hijab. And those outfits look good too.

    • You know what, thats awesome…I was recently reminiscing about these styles-hence the post and am gonna get myself that criss-cross style coat from CaravanXpress…I had a similar one from them like 12 years ago and I wore it to death…I also wore the tie-backs although I started to cover towards the end of tie-backs being the staple basic…by my time, there were also more squares out so I wore both, though my very first hejab was a tie-back in navy-second being a pink, traditional turkish print square which I still have stashed away for memories sake. I am gonna get myself a white tie-back for nursing school…

      If you have any pics of you or sis friends rockin’ these old school styles and u wanna share (with faces blanked out ofcourse if you want) lemme know…I have some olllddd pictures but I’m too lazy to scan. LOL

  2. Asalaamu Alaikum

    I never heard of the VHS thing, lol but I remember these jilbabs. I didn’t wear jilbabs back then though…maybe that was a good thing with the styles they had. But these pics do bring back happy memories of when I first converted and all the women were wearing them. 🙂

    • I dunno, alhannah and al-mujalbaba has them…i dunno about white thou…just look around on their sites thou.

  3. I remember tie back hijabs. I was kid back then and it was the best thing, to pins necessary, until the al amira hijabs came along and now thats the new kid friendly hijab.

  4. As you know I have an XXXL piratey abaya or ‘jilbab’ with puffy sleeves that are over a foot across at their widest point, the fact it fastens with hidden snaps and the embroidery is very pretty but the same colour as the abaya makes it pretty cool I’ve had a lot of compliments from young ‘uns and asking where I got it from; its made of some type of rayon which looks like a slightly ‘edgy’ cotton and I wish I would have purchased a few more including the one they had in navy, it was from a shop in the US and only $40. Never wore tie-back hijabs though; they look hideous on me though a long khimar with a decent width and shaped tie-back works well.

    • LOL…yeah tie-backs didnt really suit my facial shape very well…which is prob why I switched to squares once I got them, but im considering putting elastic in 1 of my fave squares and wearing it similarly…just for the heck of it. LOL…

  5. LOL! Those pic did bring back some memories. I remember buying a dark blue tie-back, though I don’t remember wearing it too much. Putting elastic in a square seems like it might work, Insha’Allah. Let us know!

    • I will en’shallah try tomorrow, i have a white cotton square which would work for Nursing but we cant wear pins-even the hejabi pins are a danger…so it has to be 100% pinless, I can do it with a cotton shaylah ala’ Saudi style pinless but those have to be wrapped snugly to stay and with a steth…may keep coming undone and I dislike the al-ameerahs, I do have a white one with the chin cover from Syria which I posted about a few pages back which would work, but i def wanna try the tie-back style cuz it may work good with a steth and i can keep it tucked into my uniform-which i have to do anyway.

      will let ya’ll know!

  6. I remember these! the tie backs were still around when I converted although I never really took to them. I remember sewing elestic onto scarves too. Sometimes people would give me those beautiful Malaysian ones that looked like a square-folded-over hijab, but they were stitched up the front so you you just slip them on, in theory. They were very slippery so I used to sew elestic in them to help them stay put!
    I remember the jilbabs with pleats. If you made sure the pleats were positioned right, they would skim over the bits you most wanted to hide. Too many of the jilbab styles now aren’t really covering, especially for heavier/curvier women. Sometimes a jacket and skirt is more covering.
    I was first attracted to you blog by the “old school” name, thanks for the trip down memory lane!

    • ah, yeah I agree entirely…a lot of the “islamic fashion” now adays is indeed far from modest…I kinda am more drawn to the more traditional styles since they arent as trendy and more covering…ifywim…yeah, hear u on the pleated ones…actually i just got a new one from CaravanXpress…cuz they are soooooo comfy, ny’know…mashallah.

      Thanks for your input, pls post more comments…en’shallah! 🙂

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