Kinda cute new shaylah style from SE Asia

So, wasting time on YouTube…you know when you are close to iftaar but not close enough and your too dizzy and tired to even read Quraan or move….yes, that time.

Anyway…I was looking for Indonesian or Malaysian hejab styles and saw several Indonesians and Malaysians wrapping their shaylah in this style I hadnt really ever seen before, inrl, it looked like they were using stretchy wraps-like jersey shawls…I assume you could do it with a cotton pashmina or any other shaylah if its long enough.

My *ONLY* qualm is the lack of chest coverage both Muslimaat have going on with their scarves…I think this style can be done with a nice, wide, long shaylah-yes they do exist, they maybe hard to find, but ive found some incredibly long, plush shaylahs at H&M and all were quite wide and SunnahStyle had some long, wide colored shaylahs as well. So this style would indeed be very very cute as long as your careful with chest coverage OR if you dont have something super wide…wear it over a long khimaar worn as a poncho so you have the extra chest coverage ala’ Somali style.

Here are links to both videos…



3 thoughts on “Kinda cute new shaylah style from SE Asia

  1. Assalaam waliekum. I like this style yet like you said it does lack chest coverage when done with smaller scarves. I’m thinking of how beautiful it would look with a dupatta or larger scarf.

    • yup…ditto…i tried it last night with one of my nice wide and long H&M scarves and it actually looks quite nice and well covering with an abaya or jilbab.

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