Definetly an “um…no….”

So I found this Malaysian hejabi blog in English and saw this ad below…

All I could say was “um…no…”…Scarves that empower?  Looks more like a Muslim woman falling victim to haraam fashion trends which instead of empowering her make her a victim of kafur mysogenistic ideas of female beauty and personal worth.  Yeah…the more you expose…the more valuable you are as a commodety.

Exactly why hejab is sooo important…it stands for the exact opposite…but hey, right now hejab is fashionable and trendy…yeah right, try telling all the half-nekkid hejabis running around town that.



12 thoughts on “Definetly an “um…no….”

  1. Salam Umm Ibrahim.
    Totally agree with you Sis. Actually there are many Malaysian hijabi who are wearing scarves like that and call it hijab. It is rather challenging to dakwah some of the local Muslim women who accept teaching of Islam just for granted. Maybe for them as long as no skin exposed than it’s already covering the aurah and it is hijab. I believe they know it’s not right but when fashion and nafs come first than we just have to pray that soon they’ll change for the better.

  2. While I agree that this isn’t what I consider “proper hijab”, I disagree with the sentiment that the more covered up you are, the more valuable you are. A woman’s worth should not be based on what she wears, period.

    • Thats true but unfortunately you know as well as I do that the larger society does place a value upon a womans body so the more nekkid you are the higher your value…why do you think the larger society uses half nekkid women in their advertisements…? I just think giving into that mentality is anti-Islamic as Islam frees women from such societal expectations by placing a value upon ones spiritual abilities and not physical beauty.

      So its a shame-to me, to see Muslim women, Muslim companies and the larger Muslim ummah co-opting skewed un-Islamic societal values when it comes to women…they could just have easily have advertised their scarves just as the scarves themselves or showing a properly covered up, in real hejab Muslimah in a modest jilbab, tunic and baggy pants or abaya…why the hootchie hejab? Cuz it sells…just like chicks in bikinis in car ads sell.

      C’mon…think deeper woman…

  3. What I find equally if not more disturbing, are the provocative poses now ubiquitous in “Islamic” fashion advertising. Pursed lips, muhajabahs reclining in highly suggestive positions, come-hither eyes, chests pushed out or holding otherwise modest clothing against the body so it molds against the body’s contours. Looks to me, like they attempting to sell alot more than hijabs and abayaat/jilababs.

  4. Also I think that some Muslim women think that wearing proper hijab makes them look “uneducated” where as wearing improper to no hijab signifies “Im educated”. I see most Muslimah doctors and teachers here in the States dressed like the non-Muslims. Plus most of the time, the decently dressed hijabi is not shown in the media or she is just a homemaker.

    • Indeed, I believe your right…I’ve had that same sort of mentality thrown my way…people both Muslim and non-Muslim think I must be unedu-ma-cated or a FOB or just staying at home because I always wear overgarments and proper hejab…yeah…the mentality is what gets me…cuz Muslims buy into it, hook, line and sinker…

    • I’m sorry but how is she covered? yeah her flesh is covered but he curves definetly are not and hejab does not equal just a perfect scarf on ya head…hejab encompasses the entire package of modesty, modest attire which does NOT show bodily curves (i.e. not be clothed but nekkid-like if someone can see the curves of your calves or your hips or butt, your attire is not loose enough!) also most scholars say an overgarment of some sort is required for most modesty-which could be a jilbab, abaya, overhead or maybe a long tunic and baggy, baggy pants or loose skirt…

      I suggest you read up on what hejab is and what it encompasses for muminaat…because its definetly NOT that!

      • Need I add that the model above should really have on a loose skirt of very very baggy wide-legged pants or even better an overgarment…then she would be in real, true hejab… I’m pretty tired of Muslimaat thinking hejab solely equally ones headscarf…they neglect the entire spirit of hejab and modesty but solely focusing on a piece of cloth on ya head…yet walk around with their bodily shape hanging out like its on holiday in tahiti…really…if you look like a hootch with a scarf on…ur not in hejab…and yes, even with a butt length top but skin tight pants ur still dressin’ like a hootch! Okay.

  5. I agree that this picture in particular shows that they are buying into the “sex sells” advertisement strategy, but I don’t see anything wrong with them having models not wearing “proper hijab”.

    It says in their philosophy section that they want to provide “women the opportunity to define their own style and individuality that fit their beliefs”. They don’t seem to necessarily be “going for” proper hijab. They seem to be open to women who are not Muslim or who cover in different ways which is something I respect about them. And most of the pictures on the website are not provocative in any way even if they show hair and stuff.

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