Rockin’ your overhead jelbab-‘à la française style

So, Ive posted quite a few times about the ever so popular “overhead jelbab” which is popular amongst Muslimaat in western Europe-especially in France and Belgium because its a style which was developed in Algeria and then spread around the maghreb and into western Europe.

Anyway, a lot of the western European sisters who wear the jelbab actually wear it layered with a loose quarter sleeved cardigan and a pretty underscarf peeping out and a few smaller bands around the head…the look is extremely modest but also really nice and unique…have a look.

French jelbab style
I actually really, really like this slightly layered look and due to how these jelbabs are cut, they puff out, covering your chest very very well,along with your chin and all curves and are very easy to just pop on and go!

(Jelbab al-Atlas, Mimoza Hijab)

Here are 2 pictures I just quickly took after coming back from Iftaar…I’m wearing a brown caviary jelbab, yellow quarter sleeved summer-weight cardi and some mini headbands.

Updated: Its now possible to buy this style of overhead jilbab from my store and since I’m based out of the USA…no wait and no crazy huge shipping cost!




9 thoughts on “Rockin’ your overhead jelbab-‘à la française style

  1. As Salamualaikum! I actually really like this style, but is the material anything like saudi over heads? I know I absolutely can not STAND egyptian isdails, by far the most uncomfortable over head!!

    Also can you please re do your post about how to comfortably wear an over head? It was taken down so fast lol!

    Jazakaallahu khair!

    • wa salaam…well the jelbabs come in different fabrics…I know El Bassira brand has internet, caviary, microfiber…it just depends on which material you order, you just have to read the descriptions…also they arent cut like isdaals at all. I prefer the internet myself as its very lightweight but kinda heavy-ish when on so it glides well…just depends…I also have a old style caviary which is thicker and good too. Just depends…no sis, i’m not finishing that post…sorry.

  2. Assalaamu alaikum sis,

    I too really like the way this looks and think my hubby would be okay with this despite the fact that he doesn’t normally care for overheads. I may actually have to order one of these!

    • well they are Maghreb style-totally made in Algeria and then spread throughout the region and into western Europe. Ive worn mine to the masjid many, many times and have had some Moroccan women-even 1 old one who is from a rural are further south than even Marrakech compliment me on them and tell me they see many women wearing those in Morocco now…so they are def. in line with their tastes and I like they come in colors, different fabrics, diff cuts and you can layer them up for a unique look. But they r still uber modest cuz their cut, they r quite billowy, esp over your chest area and then drape down the back like a regular overhead hence covering the rump. Def ask…I suggest Bismillah Boutique…as a first choice…they have a wide, wide selection…just fyi, stay away from the microfiber fabric unless u only wanna wear it in winter-its a bit heavy, as is peachskin…more summery and all year round is caviary and internet…although the microfiber legere (light) is apparently pretty decent for all-year wear.

      I really need to post about that….LOL…oh and shipping this last time only took a few days with EMS and regular France post was less than 2 weeks…so i think cuz its not the western holiday season, shipping isnt bad.

  3. Asalam aleikom, they are really wonderful! Do you know what is the microfibre? Is it something like crepe? Sister when you ordered before, did you send them email , cause I think due to french I will have problem to order. Thank you for beutiful idea!

    • Hmm, I dont recomment the microfiber-atleast the regular microfiber as its a bit heavy and better for fall/winter…they do have a light microfiber for all-year round but I personally suggest either caviary or internet, both are excellent materials…yes, use google translate to email them…they r very on top of things, mashallah.

  4. One more question I have, do we still have to wear another scarf underneath? Beutiful pictures! MashAllah.

      • Salam aleikom, I have ordered from Al-moultazimoun and I closed my both eyes about postage to Uk….but it has arrived withing 4 days. I have chosen this one in brown colour. Fabric is very light,soft and opaque and they have 2 sizes available, I am tall so I picked L and it fits very well. My main point was that in this jilbab both arms are covered, there are mini wrists and both sides of khimar are closed, so you can wear t-shirt and skirt and it is safe.
        JazakAllakheir for this idea, I am very pleased with that jilbab.

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