Now you can buy a bun!

**pls see below post for personal disclaimer**

LOL…no really…you can really but a “bone” style underscarf with an attached bun of various sizes online. They are apparently quite popular in Malaysia and Indonesia.

They do look like they would look more natural under a headscarf than say a giganto flower clip. I dunno…what do you all think?

There are various places online I’ve stumbled upon which sell them, one such place is the seller Shafiqahmusa on ebay, she is located in Singapore and sells these along with other items. Ive ordered slip-over scarves from her before and she sends them very quickly. alhamdullah

**Personal disclaimer…I’m not trying to promote this stuff…I just found it mildly surprising/shocking and semi funny what some Muslim women will resort too in their hejab. LOL…frankly I find them sorta funny looking…I think and *hope* most Muhajabaat know what is appropriate in their hejab and what isnt…


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  1. salam alikum yes i did buy few in indonesia then frinds told me that they are not really modest due to the impression men get that under the hijab could be nice thick and long hair and this wouold get unnecessary attention . I did actually like them because they make the scarf fall nice lose in the back who know’s haram or not . Online they write that women in the hell look like camel one muslim side did go so far to say that this type of hijab is make you look like camel women in hell. This is not my opinion but i thought i did let you know what i heard about this style.

  2. Assalaamu alaikum,

    I don’t get it. To me it seems like a “deception” of sorts…or at the very least you run the risk of drawing extra attention to yourself especially if you never had enough hair to put in a bun under your hijabs and all of a sudden now you do…and a probably noticable one at that based on these photos. Allahu alim. I personally wouldn’t buy it, but then again I wouldn’t put a flower hair clip under my hijab either.

  3. Assalaam waliekum.

    It would be nice insha’allah Muslims who promote this trash would start using their energies on styles and hijab accessories that would benefit themselves and the Muslimahs they are targeting.

  4. I agree with Gail. Seems extremely dodgy to me, whether you think the hump look is attractive or just looks plain weird; either way it attracts attention which defeats the very purpose of hijab. I have seen how these attract attention to the extent that passers by all turn their heads to look at a sister, that in London would be a commonplace sight that no-one would really look at if she didn’t have an alien head 3x its normal size. To say this hump undercap or a hair flower is ok because its not your actual hair and the hadith is talking about if you make a hump with your hairstyle-is similar to the way orthodox Jewish ladies wear wigs because it isn’t their actual hair, or the way some Muslims say eyebrow threading is halal because its not actual plucking, its trying to be smart and get round the orders of Allaah ta’ala by playing with words. I noticed on the ebay product it actually says ‘hump underscarf’. It seems like hijab is just a fashion for many these days, its no surprise to me either that wearing a hump under your hijab became socially acceptable in many circles at around the same time as wearing short sleeves and tight jeans with your hijab.

    • Indeed sister…hejab has become ALL about fashion! there is little deen or emaan or hayah left in it!

  5. I’m not sure that’s appropriate to wear – or the flower clips either. What is that hadith about camel humps under the hijab in the end times? It is deceptive, suggestive, stupid, – oh wait, isn’t that just about all of fashion???

  6. i dont get it… maybe bc i have super thick long hair anyway but i cant imagine how people with any hair but a shaved head could wear this… i get the flower clip if it grips the scarf, though. so interesting! who wouldve thought this would be cool or fashionable, huh!

  7. Honestly, this stuff makes me sad. I’m trying to raise two daughters and I just feel like I have NO support for them wearing proper hijab. Du’a, du’a, du’a…

    • Assalaamu alaikum sister,

      I can definitely understand your frustration with that. I have 2 daughters as well although one is only 5 months old mashallah. Dua is the best tool a believer has!! Never underestimate its power!

  8. I’m sorry, forgive me if I come off wrong. at the end of the day, men are going to stare and look no matter what you have on. anything can attracted anyone’s attention, weather you wear more volume or not! people and MEN will always stare because its not the norm for people to wear the hijab or niqab specially in America! men have literally came up to me and I wear a tichel which is a headcovering and sometimes I wear a scarf like the Iranian people do. And men have asked me and wonder what my hair looks like, and they also say dumb things like I bet she got a body under there. you can’t stop it! its going to happen, Now does wearing hijab and tichel and modest clothing draw less attention to yourself YES! it does. however men will be men and women will be women. there’s noting wrong with your headcovering looking nice, theirs tons of modest women who wear headscarf. jewish,chirstian,muslim mostly muslim and make styles for it. As long as you got your head covered and its for God then go for..

    • I agree w/ what youe saying but just for your own personal information. The “hejab” for Muslim women is definetly not just a head scarf, it actually encompasses headscarf, modest, loose attire (preferably an overgarment) and modest behavior. A Muslim woman can have a scarf on her head but be in tight clothing that is very immodest and with really raunchy behavior and shes solely has her hair covered, shes not “in Hejab”…shes not a “mohajabat”…there IS a distinction. There is also a male equivelant to Hejab as well which is also about modest attire and behavior. Also, I believe in all the diff. faiths covering is done for different reasons…some its for feminity, some for submission to men/church while others its submission/piety to God. In Islam the purpose of covering is an outward sign of piety/submission to God…nothing and no body else. Just an fyi sis, I do agree thou that men will be men and women will be women and yadda yadda but I do think it needs to be explained that hejab is not just covering the hair. Otherwise it would be suitable to go out in shorts/tanktop/hairscarf. iykwim.

    • you could not have said it any better men stare no matter what thats just them and they will always wonder how your body looks ……. we could be fully covered or not they will still have there own imagination going on in there heads i like it and personally will wear it .

      • Yes men will always stare but if you fullfil your obilgation and they still insist on staring then they are in the wrong not you. But if you put fake hair on, fake buns, fake lashes and they stare its your fault. Becuase we have been warned by the prophet SAW that women who have this camel hump shape head will be in the hell fire. Sahih hadith. Those who decieve men and others… that you have more hair, longer lashes, taller, thin eyebrows then you are commiting a sin. Deception in Islam is haram. And we all know Dajjal is the biggest deciver and fitnah that will come… so it seems women are competting with Dajjal in decieivng people.

        If you wear full hijab appropriatly and a man stares the sin is on him. if you wear full hijab with fake buns and flower clips and stuck on some fake lashes and makeup and heels and attract the men then sin is on You. And thats what Islam says on teh matter. Men will always stare but will you choose to take some of the sin or will you let them take the sin for themselves.
        As long as you dress for Allah you are safe. Fake bun for Allah? Uuuuuh Nuh!

  9. Assalamualaikum

    This is definitely not from Malaysia (Im Malaysian) and hopefully will not be in trend there. People may like it but I find it rather weird, why do we “accessorize” our hair, “set it” to certain shapes, and then cover it with hijab?

    My personal POV


    This is as bad as flower clips. I am not in support for these as they women have heads which resemble the humps of camels. And we all know about that Hadith, so why even go there? why risk it? for what? to decieve others? to decieve yourself? becuase you want a big head? its just really silly and these need to be burnt lol.
    I am against anything like this.

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