One place where a hair flower is a total faux pas!

Yup…I bet if she hadn’t have chosen the worlds largest hair flower when she went down to Dubai for vacation or to work and then dragged it back and then chose to wear it out on the street in Tehran…then well…she probably wouldn’t have been rounded up!  Personally if I were ever to wear a hair flower whether here or anywhere else…i’d chose a smaller, slightly more discreet one….y’know…just to avoid the Marge Simpson look.

Really the one she has is MASSIVE!! Even the largest ones I saw in Saudi (i.e. my Madame is that a chinchilla on your head? post) are probably only half that size!



7 thoughts on “One place where a hair flower is a total faux pas!

  1. Assalaamu alaikum,

    Yep, Marge Simpson! Insha’Allah, that look will not become popular. Even the biggest, puffy looks I saw in the UAE were nothing like that, and the “puff” was usually off the back of the head, like a big soft bun, not straight on top.

  2. Am I the only one who clicked the arrows expecting another photo to show up..?

    Seriously though, I don’t think that’s a bun.. Maybe she has styled her hair for a party or something? If it is a bun.. :O

    • LOL…in the 2nd pic you can see the glint of the hair flower under her tarha… and Irani women would *never* wear an outfit like that to a party they wear gowns and dresses or suits for parties…never a regular manteau and pants.

  3. Oh dear, oh dear, unfortunately I have seen this in the UK, particularly in London, maybe not quite that high but certainly with the hump in the same place.

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