Beautiful modesty

I really love this picture of this Turkish mother and daughter in two different cuts of carsaf. The fabric, cut and flow is very beautiful, they exude modesty and religious piety. Mashallah…  I love how the daughters carsaf is made of a slightly glimmery crepe…its both modest, mainstream yet has a touch of difference.

I wish more muslim sisters wore their hejabs proudly and dressed in proper, modest attire which was in line with Islamic rulings for garments…instead of looking like a hot mess in all these layers and fancy scarf styles and tons of jewelry…there is BEAUTY IN SIMPLICITY!!…and the deen is simplicity itself!


p.s. I finally have a Turkish carsaf-same style as what the mother is wearing but in navy crepe. I must at some point take pictures, I wear it occasionally but generally wrap a colored, contrasting shaylah over it, like how Somali women do with their khimaars as I like the contrast and style. But, the carsaf is SOOOOOOOOOOOO comfortable, mashallah.




4 thoughts on “Beautiful modesty

  1. Hi this lady on the right side remind me of an Iranian movie i had seen last week “The Stoning of Soraya M” she did look same this movie was heartbreaking.

  2. sara…LOL it was a long, drawn out affair via a Turkish sister living in France. LOL. If you know someone whose Turkish going to Turkey they may be down with getting you one, some wont but maybe some would. en’shallah

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