Gorgeous jelbabs for brides!

I absolutely love these wedding and wedding party jelbabs produced by a Muslimah designer in France.

If your planning your wedding or a relatives and like these then en’shallah contact her (details below pictures). I dont know how much she charges or whether she ships abroad, but I figured I’d share them as they are utterly gorgeous and so different and yes-refreshing from what is normally seen on this side of the Atlantic!

The designs are basically a glamming of the regular, one piece Algerian style jelbab (overhead) which covers the chin and ties behind the head with a fluttering overveil.

(Jelbabs de Mariage)

(Jelbabs de Mariage)

(Jelbabs de Mariage)

(Jelbabs de Mariage)

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9 thoughts on “Gorgeous jelbabs for brides!

  1. Masha’Allah, these look SO much nicer than the other wedding jilbabs that you posted a while back. The first two are absolutely stunning!

  2. Mashallah! Seriously these are so beautiful! I’ve never seen anything like this. Too bad I’m already married, lol. I’d love to have worn something like this on my special day. Do you know if she speaks English? Otherwise I can have my daughter write her an email in French. I do have some special occasion events coming up so it would be nice to have something different.

  3. sorry sis, I dunno…I havent contact her or anything like that…so its up to the sister who wants to contact her to figure things out. Sorry!!! I honestly love the printed party jelbab designs below the wedding ones, id adore one for a special occasion…maybe someday. en’shallah

  4. No that’s okay. I can easily just send it in English and have my daughter translate to French if need be. I just thought you may have contacted her already.

  5. A lot of these fabrics are the same ones used for Somali diraacs; but these are very unique, I’d love to get my hands on some.

  6. WOW! I’m in Awe. It’s about time someone created hijabi wedding attire aside from the usual cultural dresses of asia, or finding dresses and having to find 5 million different pieces just to cover properly! I almost broke into the business myself! Lol mashaallah these are gorgeous!

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