Product Review: AlSharifa hejab arcs!

A few days ago I posted about the plastic arcs some Muslim women put inside their scarves to achieve a firm front in their hejab…because we all know…squares are prone to the loathsome floppy front!

Just to have a few more on hand because I do like to use them when I wear squares, I ordered a 2 pack of hejab arcs from the online store Al Sharifa (based in Michigan, here in the USA). They came a few days ago and lemme tell you all they are a LOT nicer than the ones I have which a friend brought me from a store in Dearborne. First off the ones Al Sharifa carries are a lot longer and much narrower. They are a lot more comfortable in the hejab and unlike the shorter, wider ones I have from DearbornTHEY DO NOT SLIDE AROUND INSIDE THE HEJAB!!!

My biggest pet peeve with the shorter, wider ones is they constantly slide around and since they are wider, they are a bit more obvious looking, these ones on the other hand fit around the entire face and end right where you pin so they do not move!!! Also they are narrower so the look is a bit more natural.

(Two hejab arcs, the longer one is from Al Sharifa)

And worn…


4 thoughts on “Product Review: AlSharifa hejab arcs!

  1. Assalaamu Alaikum
    I saw a large group of Indonesian or Malaysian tourists this past weekend, and noticed their hijabs were narrower than I had been seeing. It must be a new style. I like it, because the previous big fronts had a little bit of a “prairie bonnet” look that I didn’t particularly care for. It is also good to hear that the narrower strips don’t move! I am reconsidering them now.

  2. looks good, I’m a little tempted to order from that store myself as they have this particular design of hijab pin that I got from another store but the original has gone blunt at the end of the pin and thus gets all snaggy with whichever scarf I pair it with-the original place I got it from are a nightmare customer service wise but I’ve only seen it there and on AL Sharifa, price is slightly less on AS also and shipping isn’t at all bad,

  3. This is actually a comment on the previous post on thes hijab arcs, as for some reason the original item did not allow a comment to be posted! In that item you mentioned sisters wearing them with half niqaabs and wearing them very low down. Could you clarify how they do this?

    • Well as I mentioned, put a square on with the arc in and put it down over the eyebrows like you can do with any type of square scarf.

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