Hi, can I be ripped off? please!

So, maybe its because I lived in Saudi and was involved in “da biz” and so have some clue as to how much garments produced in Saudi actually cost (along with the other Gulf countries)…but really, I admit to being no huge fan of the Saudi based Desert Store. Yes I did order from them once before -actually just a few months before we moved to Saudi and yes I was mildly pleased with the abaya but it had a few problems…mainly the sleeves were incredibly long as the way they produce them, they just make a one size per length, so I ordered a 58inch abaya and apparently they must think women who wear a 58inch abaya must be like 6ft or something because the sleeves were sooo long I had to tuck them under and stitch shut. The material was “eh” and the contruction was “eh”. Pretty regular, bland…definetly low end on the Saudi scale, like the sort produced for low wage workers. I did like how lightweight it felt and it was sort of A-line and otherwise fit modestly.

So, anyway…imagine my amusement when I saw the prices they have on their colored jilbabs…

I do HOPE they are not serious!!!

$120 for a cotton-blend, everyday jilbab!!!!!!!!!

Again, as someone who has been over there and shopped for a living *subhanallah!! every girls dream!!* The ONLY jilbabs which generally cost 400-500-600sr…like over $100US were imported, AUTHENTIC Turkish Pardesu…and like the high quality, branded kind…like Kayra, Tekbir, Esre…OK. I should know, I own one and I petted several others. They are sold in Mall botiques and general “western hejabi” style shops which cater to Saudi women going abroad.  Now I can fathom a high quality Turkish jilbab being sold for a hundred and over because even in Turkey they are very expensive. Heck even a good Jordanian jilbab is almost a hundred a pop!

BUT…a cotton blend jilbab?

Thats a joke…

Even if say you dont want to wear a Turkish jilbab but say like many Saudi women who go abroad go and get colored abayaat made…wallahi…they only cost around $50 to maybe *max* $100 if you buy very lux material and have it specially made in a expensive Mall boutique!  But like me, when I had some colored abayaat made I bought decent 4 meters of material…cost me around $30-ish and then another $20 for the tailoring for a SIMPLE abaya! A Mall boutique shop one will run between $75 up to around $100 depending on the material, the cut and ofcourse the store!!!

So really…is charging $120 for a very plain, very everyday COTTON BLEND jilbab right??? Or how about the other one with its machine embroidery and similar material!

Seriously…its kind of a joke and really reflects badly on the company and I guess their view of the Muslims buying their jilbabs!  Now, the abayaat they have, the prices listed as pretty similar-ish to what the everyday abaya shops price their garments at…although they are still a wee touch on the high side.

Anyway, Allahu Alim…I personally think its in poor judgement to rip people off, especially other Muslims if your a Muslim.  En’shallah they will rectify their pricing issues and bring the prices to be more in line with what is normal both in Saudi and abroad.


4 thoughts on “Hi, can I be ripped off? please!

  1. Assalaamu alaikum,

    I think the “fleecing” of American Muslims with regards to clothing prices is really sad. Some stores take advantage of the fact that our clothing options are limited. And for those who have never travelled abroad they have no idea of the quality that is available and at what prices. I do realise this is a business and people need to turn a profit, but what you posted above is ridiculous and not even close to funny subhanAllah.

    • wa salaam…yes exactly…like I said their abayaat prices are fairly similar to similar designs I saw at the less expensive abaya shops in say the ladies suq-although a tad more on the expensive side…for a basic bisht really its not that much, it depends on the fabric and craftsman ship because you can easily tell a high quality ‘designer’ abaya from a less expensive “mass produced” abaya in a heartbeat, ditto for fabric…but you have to see to know. I wish Tahura would come back online, they had stuff which was in-line with designs and prices of the better abaya shops. I’d shop from them first…frankly…also ive heard that this store DB kinda supplies the cheapo, 10riyal shops and like the cheapo abaya shops in Makkah which tourists shop at. I have numerous stories of going into such stores just to look and being quoted *outrageous* prices for things which were incredibly inferior to stuff seen even in the less expensive suq shops in Khobar and Dammam…I got into an argument with one guy…he wanted to charge 400sr for a CHEAP, basic, beige, colored abaya which was plain and with the cheapo poppers (not even the hand stitched on kind) and the material was YUCK! I was all like…what! 400sr for this! I was like, I live in Khobar and thats definetly way too expensive, even colored ones from boutique stores run between 275-375 dept on boutique store and material…and they are high quality, even having 1 made at a shop that makes items per order if you bring in the material…wouldnt be over 200-250sr! c’mon!!! The guy got kinda embarrassed that I called him out on the stupidity of the price. UGH!

  2. There was a store like that here, they were selling shaylahs that cost less than 10 riyal in Saudi (and I heard the owner on the phone telling someone he gets his stuff from Baab Makkah, which is the flea market in Jeddah) for £20 to £30! Their abayas were up to £80 and again nothing special; for years this store did a roaring trade as people genuinely thought the prices were fair, but then Somali sisters in the nearby market started getting stuff from Saudi and Dubai of a similar quality and selling it for not much more than cost price over there, so they’d have the shaylahs for about £5 or less and the abayas for £20, needless to say the rip-off store did not last.

    • Hmm, yeah funny you should mention that cuz Ive seen that here too, I saw 1 sis at the masjid with an abaya and shaylah that I remember seeing *exactly* at a very very very inexpensive “goods” store in the Dammam hayat Plaza for 60sr and the matching tarha was like 5sr and I asked her who she got it from and how much and she said on Ebay for -get this $70!!! I was like *omigod*…I didnt say anything, just complimented her, it was a cute abaya, but even though it was very inexpensive it wasnt my style…but yeah…its shocking. Honestly when I ran AT, the prices I ncharged were very very close to actual cost price…its just it cost me a lot to ship and run around from here to there, so I had to cover those expenses, but overall…my prices were very similar to cost price. Nothing major. I get irked when people charge triple what they paid for something! like c’mon!

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