Pictures of the navy Turkish çarşaf

I promised you all i would share some pictures of the Navy çarşaf I got via a Turkish sister who resides in France. It was rather an ordeal to get it, LOL…But I did!

I do really llike how it looks and doesnt it look like its a regular hip length khimaar with a maching skirt? But, no…it’s not! Its actually ONE-PIECE but looks like two. Before I go into details and everything let me share some pictures. I generally wear it with a contrasting shaylah ala’ Somali long khimaar style for several reasons which I will mention below.

Basically the material is like a very lightweight crepe, this one is actually the kind which you pin at around the chin or right under the nose like these ones…

I am not a huge fan of the pin under nose thing because I think it looks highly uncomfortable but hey, thats just me. There IS another style of çarşaf which looks more like a large maghneh or the Algerian style jelbabs (except without the under chin poofy-ness), although its shaped and made the same way as the one I have above (i.e. one piece but looks like two!)

For the one I have…there are ties for behind the head and then you would pin under the nose or around the chin area. Its not really made to be pinned under the chin due to how the upper part is made, although I guess you could. But, I generally just wrap a contrasting shaylah over both for some color and two just because…hehehe, kinda more comfortable.

It has cuffs and the “khimaar” part is actually made with this crescent shaped panel sewn into the back (unseen) which then attaches to the pleated skirt, the sides of the “khimaar” attach to the skirt both in the back and the sides of the front. If you lift your arms really high it would be possible to see this, but with arms at normal height, you can’t tell.

I can only speculate/assume that this çarşaf style is based off of the traditional Ottoman çarşaf which was just a large rectangle wrapped just so…also it reminds me of the shershaf’s worn for Salaat by Saudi and Gulf women (which can honestly be wrapped similarly and a friend of mine married to a Saudi brother from the Hejaz told me they still wear them like that for salaat, and also the North African haik and even the Qajar, old fashioned Iranian chadors which were just huge rectangles with the fronts tucked into the waist bands of ones shalvar or skirt. So I kinda feel cool wearing this çarşaf cuz I think of the history it has behind it

The fit is quite comfortable although its not as cumbersome feeling as a regular khimaar and skirt, mostly because its not as prone to being blown around, but, one downside, is you have to remember to hold it up when sitting down, much like an overhead and you need to gather it up as well, otherwise it pulls on your head. I think if your a in general long khimaar and skirt wearing sister one of these would definitely be an improvement from the standpoint of comfort, ease of wearing and less windy flippy-uppy-ness. Downside…they are extremely difficult to get outside of Turkey, Ive contacted 1-2 Turkish companies that make them…but sofar the shipping costs are outrageous, although I am inquiring about whether shipping via regular mail is possible. If so, I’ll let you all know.


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    • For real? If your a Muslim than shame on u for dissin’ on ur mohajabaat sisters who are proud of their deen and attire when so many Muslims are ashamed to be visibly known as Muslims! I do hope that was a tongue-in-cheek comment and not a for real remark.

  1. as salamu alaiki! I have recently become interested in wearing the carsaf. (My husband is turkish and is probably gonna flip bu Allah khareem!) I have seen these on and the price is reasonable. They do ship worldwide. InshaaAllah this helps you out and jazak Allahu khairan for this post!

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